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This Water Saving Week the message is more urgent than ever before: we all need to be using less water. Sure, we tend to think of the UK as perpetually damp and soggy, but that’s just not the case anymore. Last spring was one of the driest ever recorded in the UK, and this April is on track to become the driest on record. Climate change is ushering in longer periods of dry weather and, combined with population growth and changes in lifestyle, has led to growing pressure being put on our water supplies. Pressure that just can’t be ignored.
The good news is that taking positive action now can help us make sure that there’s enough water to go around, for our communities and for the environment. And, because our water use isn’t just confined to our four walls, this year we’re focusing on water consumption outside of the home. As we all emerge from our homes, a little dazed from the year we’ve just been through, we want to help people to save more water when they’re out and about. We also want to help businesses and communities to highlight the great work they’re doing to reduce their water consumption and protect our environment. Most of all, we want to get people talking about how important water is, and how easy it is to make small changes that make a big difference.

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This year's themes are

Monday - Talk to your community about saving water
Tuesday - Talk to your water company about saving water
Wednesday - Talk to your plumber about saving water
Thursday - Talk to your colleagues about saving water
Friday - Talk to your customers about saving water

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monday - Talk to your community about saving water

Around a third of all the water supplied in the UK is used outside of the home – in shops, gyms, restaurants, schools and more. Non domestic water use is responsible for a whopping 28 million kg of CO2 emissions every month. So it makes sense to pay attention to how much water we’re using at home – but also how much we’re using when out and about. Why not start a conversation about water efficiency with a business you support, or a community site that you use? Saving water could help them to save money, protect the environment, and make their neighbourhood more resilient to water shortages.
Find out about the Waterwise Checkmark for Communities here.

tuesday - Talk to your water company about saving water

If you’re an environmentally conscious or money savvy business, talk to your water company about how they can help you to save water. Alternatively, many water retailers have water efficiency advice available on their website. If you’re not already on one, requesting a water meter from your water company can help you to save money, water and the planet (even if just a little bit!). Most water companies also offer free water saving devices for customers so it’s worth checking to see what yours might offer.

Wednesday - Talk to your plumber about saving water

Plumbers and facilities managers are often fountains of knowledge when it comes to saving water! A single conversation about ways to stop wasting water could yield amazing results. For example, the odds are that your office or workplace has at least one leaking toilet. Identifying and fixing it could eliminate water wastage of between 215 and 400 litres of clean drinking water every day – potentially halving the water bill for a small business!
If you need a plumber check to make sure they are Water Safe here.

Thursday - Talk to your colleagues about saving water

Big changes often start with one person. Being a champion for water saving at work can be a great way to jumpstart an environmentally conscious culture in your place of business, or enhance an existing culture of caring.
You can download water saving posters for the office here.
Find out about the Waterwise Checkmark for Offices here.
Find out about Waterwise Training here.

Friday - Talk to your customers about saving water

These days, a business’s environmental credentials are a big part of their appeal for many people. Do your customers know that you’re taking steps to protect the environment and your community by saving water? Letting them know why and how you’re eliminating water wastage could also inspire them on their own journey to water wisdom!

why is it so important to save water?

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