Waterwise Checkmark

The Waterwise Checkmark scheme highlights the most water-efficient products, services and

businesses in the UK.

The Waterwise Recommended Checkmark is for water efficient water using products and services. A manufacturer or service provider can use the Checkmark to illustrate best practice and innovation in water efficiency and provide clear point-of-sale information to the buyer. Waterwise Recommended Checkmarks are awarded to the products and services which best enhance water efficiency or reduce water wastage. Water retailers and their customers, bathroom, kitchen, white goods manufacturers and outdoor water-using product manufacturers are among those encouraged to apply.

More information can be found in our Application Form as well as the Scheme Terms and Conditions.

We will also be launching a range of Checkmarks for different commercial sectors – starting with a Checkmark for Buildings. We have been busy working with a small number of offices to refine the scheme and ensure it reflects the very best activities that can be undertaken regardless of office location, size, age or occupancy.

If you have any questions about Checkmark or would like to be involved in the pilot for Checkmark for Buildings, please do get in touch at Stella.lindsey@waterwise.org.uk.