Water is worth saving. While it may feel like it rains every day, in the UK we have a finite amount of water go around. Now, more than ever, we all understand the importance of water in our lives, as we look to protect ourselves, our families, and others we care about.

Last spring was one of the driest ever recorded in the UK – and the effects of climate change are having a continued impact.

While we are still all at home more, using more water than ever before in our households, we still want everybody at home enjoying their time as much as they can. However, the impact of our water use now will have an effect on the availability of our communities’ water in the near future, perhaps even this summer. 

We recognise that we all want to enjoy life to the fullest, and our ask of you is simple.

Be water wise, because water’s worth saving.

Why is water worth saving?

If you value your community, water’s worth saving

Water scarcity threatens our water supply, in turn threatening the wellbeing of our communities. Right now, our water supply is under tremendous pressure. It is essential for us all to be using water wisely to ensure there is enough to go around.

When we recognise the value of water, we recognise that being a responsible member of our community means saving water so that there will be enough for our kids, our neighbours, our local farming community, our favourite businesses, and the vulnerable members of our society.

If you enjoy your garden, water’s worth saving

Climate change is causing an increase in the occurrence of prolonged periods without rain across the UK, as evidenced only recently. It’s also projected to cause an increase in average temperatures in all seasons and across all regions of the UK. 

Hoses and sprinklers typically use up to 1,000 litres of water per hour –  more than 12 baths! Good news: the average roof collects about 85,000 litres of rain in a year, enough to fill 450 water butts with free rainwater. Using water butts, watering cans and other smart ways to keep our gardens lush is another win for water wisdom.

If you care about the environment, water’s worth saving

Our use of water and energy are closely linked, with a major source of UK carbon emissions being heating water within our homes. 

Reducing your time in the shower or the amount of hot water you use for cleaning dishes has a significant impact on your personal carbon footprint. Being thrifty with the amount of hot water we use means that we can save water, reduce our carbon footprint and fight climate change, all at the same time.

If you love our UK wildlife, water’s worth saving

Much of the water that we use in our homes is taken from rivers and lakes that wildlife in the UK rely on to survive. More than one in five water bodies in England are suffering or at risk from too much water being taken from them to supply households and businesses, and more than half of the species that depend on UK rivers, lakes and wetlands are in decline, with 13% of our freshwater and wetlands species threatened with extinction.

Species like the Short-eared Owl, Long-tailed Duck, Tundra Swan and Eurasian Otter are struggling to survive, in part because of human management and use of the water bodies that they live on or near to.

When we recognise that water’s worth saving we can reduce the amount of it taken from water bodies that UK wildlife rely on for their survival.

Information about this campaign

With people still spending lots of time at home, Waterwise and Water UK have joined forces for the second year to launch the Water’s Worth Saving campaign, helping customers understand the need to save water and the simple steps they can take to reduce their water use. The campaign will run April – September across a number of social media channels.