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This research aims to measure the actual water consumption of occupants dwelling in new buildings built to the amended Part G of The Building Regulations. Waterwise (2016) stated that there are still opportunities to reduce water use and a valuable need to understand actual vs reported water use figures. This research will contribute towards what is reported to actual figures.

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H2eco Behavioural Research (Phase 10)

Essex & Suffolk Water (ESW) and Mouchel have undertaken a research phase to
establish the specific impact of the behaviour change messages supplied to customers
during a standard H2eco style appointment. The approach used is based on the
customer engagement style used during the award winning H2eco study, which is ESW’s
domestic water efficiency project.

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H2eco Phase 11

Essex & Suffolk Water (ESW) and Mouchel have undertaken the latest phase of the award winning H2eco study within the Grays and Corringham areas of Essex, continuing to promote, educate and deliver water efficiency to customers.

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Waterwise Conference 2017

The 2017 Waterwise Annual Water Efficiency Conference was focused on delivering water efficiency projects and programmes. Once again it will provided an opportunity for key stakeholders within the water sector to come together to discuss how to further water efficiency in the UK.  

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Waterwise Water Efficiency Awards 2016

Please take a look at all the projects described in this case studies attached. We are certain that these projects will inspire others to work harder, be more creative and act in collaboration to achieve a water efficient UK.

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Waterwise Product Awards 2017

This was the first year we have held awards specifically for products and services, we have done this to celebrate the increasing innovation and ingenuity of product developers, and to highlight the wide range of products that are available for homes and businesses. The Water Efficient Product Awards 2017 recognised the achievements of designers, inventors and businesses who have worked hard to develop water efficiency solutions.

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Utility Week – PR19 Rollercoaster

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The long term potential for deep reductions in household water demand (2018)

With a fifty-year time horizon, we can afford to look beyond the current constraints, to think about the deep reductions that consumers could make, if we all work together. As well as being an important resource for our future price reviews – and to an extent the one that’s gearing up now, we hope that this study provokes discussion in the sector. This report for Ofwat produced by Artesia consulting looks at long term potential for reducing household demand for water.

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