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Sustainable Water Use in Europe: Demand Management (2001)

This is the second report from the European Environment Agency on sustainable water use in Europe and focuses on how the demand side of water management is being approached across Europe. The report is concerned mainly with measures which aim to achieve increases in the efficiency of use of water over the medium to long term.

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Sharing it out: Introducing water Demand Management Strategies for Small Towns (2001)

The purpose of this report is to describe a number of practical measures that facilitate the development of effective water demand management strategies in small towns of developing countries. The report has been prepared primarily as a briefing document for organisations responsible for service provision, especially for water supply departments and municipal authorities. While it focuses on residential and institutional consumers, many of the measures described are and transferable.

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Rainwater and Greywater in Buildings: Project and Case Studies (2001)

This report gives the results of research projects undertaken by CIRIA and BSRIA, collectively known as Buildings That Save Water (BTSW), involving rainwater and greywater. details the monitoring of demonstration sites, with rainwater or greywater systems, in the UK. It provides a background to the systems monitored, their operational and maintenance requirements, system reliability and user perception. Details of the monitoring results for water savings, financial analysis and microbiological data are also given.

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