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At Home With Water (2013)

At Home with Water, a study conducted by the Energy Saving Trust, analysed real-life water use in homes, and developed consumer-led water efficiency solutions. As part of its first phase, this report provides an analysis of self-reported water use information generated online through the Energy Calculator by more than British 86,000 households. The study revealed, among others, that individuals use 142 and households 349 litres of water per day. The average annual metered water bill amounted to £427. Hot water use contributes £228 to the average annual combined energy bill and produces 875 kg of CO2 per household per year.

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Creating Water Sensitive Place: Scoping the Potential for Water Sensitive Urban Design in the UK (2013)

This scoping study together with the “Ideas Booklet” Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) in the UK – ideas for built environment practitioners (C723) provides details of the drivers, benefits and vision of WSUD in the UK. It is based on findings from a collaborative project that included extensive consultation and a literature review to understand the role of WSUD in the UK.

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Statistical Analysis of Seven Water Efficiency Studies using Control Groups and Weather Influences (2013)

This project by Essex & Suffolk Water was concerned with analysing and reporting the extent to which external factors influence demand during periods when water efficiency studies are undertaken. Seven studies were included in the analysis, both domestic and commercial retrofit schemes. Measured water consumption data were used to calculate the mean pre and post intervention consumption per day at each property. The difference between the pre and post consumption was calculated for each property.

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Response to the National Infrastructure Commission – New Technology Study Second Call for Evidence (August 2017)

Water efficiency is a key contributor to resilience, and water companies are currently carrying out large-scale retrofitting and customer engagement programmes. Ofwat and Defra are keen to see greater ambition on water demand management. The Waterwise Water Efficiency Strategy for the UK sets out a range of actions to improve water efficiency in new developments. Waterwise support a national and compulsory rollout of smart metering to provide benefits for customer engagement and water efficiency. We have set out barriers to new technologies as well as a range of new technologies identified by Waterwise and in research internationally.

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Water Efficiency and Drought Communications (2013)

Waterwise collected information on drought communication and activities from the seven companies who imposed customer restrictions (‘hosepipe bans’) in the South and East of England during last year’s drought. Working with Water UK and WWF, Waterwise analysed these activities to assess, whether they met their statutory drought duties and whether they had an impact on customer attitudes.

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Guidance on water and associated energy efficiency for Welsh Housing Quality Standard for Retrofit Programmes (2012)

This guidance is aimed at local authorities and housing associations including estate managers and maintenance teams, outlining the need for water conservation and the benefits. The guidance is designed to help you choose the right products to achieve both water efficiency and energy efficiency and how to deliver these.

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Lydd Retrofit Trial Report (DRAFT) (2012)

This report analyses a water-efficiency retrofit trial from 2009, which Veolia Water South East carried out as part of its metering trial activities and compulsory metering programme in the town of Lydd. Its main goal was to understand customer’s perceptions around various aspects of implementing retrofit programmes through four focus groups. 1,450 households were invited by phone call, of which participated 250 in the trial. 43 % of the 163 successfully interviewed post-trial indicated having had a positive experience with the water-saving devices. The majority believed water savings were low and that they reduced their bill “a little”, £4.26 on average.

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Response to Ofwat’s Consultation on Minor Revisions to Water Efficiency Target Methodology (2012)

Waterwise is extremely supportive of Ofwat’s plans to put in place a framework to incentivise and reward water companies for work to help develop robust evidence on the effectiveness of water efficiency measures. This framework would allow companies’ contributions to a collaborative evidence base fund to count against a small proportion of their volumetric base targets. We report here discussions on governance of the fund agreed by the companies and the key players in summer 2011. We are cautious about removal of the cap on soft measures.

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UK Water Efficiency Awards 2012

Case studies of winners and runners up of the Waterwise UK Water Efficiency Awards 2012

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Why do we need to think about Water? (2012)

Waterwise give an overview of why we need to use less water, how much water is used on different activities in the home and how water use can be reduced in the home

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