Waterwise Online Training

Being new to water efficiency I learnt a lot across the sessions, it was interesting, engaging and thought provoking. It also encouraged me to continue learning even after the sessions were completed.

Sarah McLaughlin, SES Water

Waterwise Online Training Course

Develop your skills and knowledge around water efficiency and become more confident talking to others about the topic. Come and join us either for an in-person one day training course or online session both of which will get you up to speed on water efficiency issues and solutions in the UK and beyond. The training is suitable for beginners and intermediate levels, and we like a range of people to attend as we encourage discussion and sharing examples throughout the day.

Our Mission

Waterwise’s vision is a UK in which water is used wisely every day, everywhere.

Through Waterwise Training we can build water efficiency capacity across the UK in practitioners and ambassadors, and drive culture change in organisations. Increasing population and recent droughts have focused attention on the importance of water efficiency to the economy, society and the environment, right across the UK – and the need to scale this up. 

The water sector is facing significant water efficiency challenges and there is a need to work with customers to help them think as responsibly about water as they are beginning to do about recycling and energy saving. Water companies, energy companies, housing associations and local charities are offering ever larger and improved water efficiency advice and home retrofits.

Once you have completed the course

  • Participants will have the information and confidence to speak about water efficiency with colleagues, customers and their friends and family. 
  • Participants will have an in-depth understanding of why water scarcity is a problem and how we can tackle it. 
  • Staff of water companies, contractors, housing associations and others will have increased ability to meet water efficiency targets and regulatory requirements.
  • The combination of behavioural and mechanical interventions along with policy knowledge means participants will be equipped to deliver maximum water efficiency savings. 
  • If you pass the short test at the end of the day, you will receive a Waterwise certificate.

More Information

Visit the events page on our website to see when the next online or in-person training sessions are taking place. 

The course is open to anyone wishing to learn about water efficiency and is particularly appropriate for: 

  • Water company staff, from any department
  • Plumbers and water company contractors 
  • Social and private housing maintenance staff 
  • Sustainability professionals or policy makers 
  • Anyone with an interest in learning more about water efficiency

If you would like to book bespoke training for 8 people or more please get in touch with us. We can come to your office to deliver the training or run a dedicated online training session for you. In this case we can arrange a personal date which works for your company.

If your organisation is interested in sponsoring an online training session on water efficiency, please get in touch with us! We can suggest the topics for the session, but are also open to hearing about the areas of water efficiency that are important to your organisation, which we would then cover in the session.