“We only learn the true value of water when the well runs dry"

Benjamin Franklin

Why Waterwise Training?

Waterwise Training produces fully trained and qualified experts in water efficiency advice and home retrofits. Two qualifications in water efficiency and home retrofits have been developed, to respond to sector demands. The qualifications establish a baseline of standards for this growing sector, providing vital skills and improving the quality and consistency of practical water efficiency.

We are in the process of moving Waterwise Training online. This will enable larger groups of employees to be trained more efficiently, and we encourage organisations to consider using it as part of their in-house training programme to embed cultural change and strategic commitment to water efficiency.

Our Mission

Waterwise’s mission is to ensure that water efficiency is integral to everyone’s like in the UK, and our vision is a UK in which water is used wisely every day, everywhere.

Through Waterwise Training we can build water efficiency capacity across the UK in practitioners and ambassadors, and drive culture change in organisations. Increasing population and recent droughts have focused attention on the importance of water efficiency to the economy, society and the environment, right across the UK – and the need to scale this up. The water sector is facing significant water efficiency challenges and there is a need to work with customers to help them think as responsibly about water as they are beginning to do about recycling and energy saving. Water companies, energy companies, housing associations and local charities are offering ever larger and improved water efficiency advice and home retrofits.

Moving Waterwise Training online enables us to scale up this capacity-building.

The qualification

Waterwise Level 2 in water efficiency advice

Covers how to engage with customers and provide helpful advice, including water-saving tips, installing water-efficient products such as showerheads and water butts, and technical and financial figures and guidance.

Waterwise Level 3 in water efficiency retrofitting

Covers how to retrofit to make water-using equipment more water-efficient, ranging from offering DIY kits with water saving devices for taps, showers and toilets, to full home visits where devices are installed.

What benefits do the qualifications offer?

  • The use of fully trained, qualified and accredited staff for water efficiency advice and retrofitting will provide water companies, contractors, housing associations and others with increased confidence that they can meet water efficiency challenges which help customers and meet regulatory requirements.
  • Waterwise Training combines behavioural and mechanical interventions with policy knowledge – equipping practitioners to deliver maximum water efficiency savings.
  • The Waterwise Training qualification is a useful benchmark by which water companies and other organisations can identify competent contractors and ensure quality as a basis for procurement.
  • Comprehensive and standardised training improves the UK skills base, up-skills the sector, provides people with career-enhancing qualifications and cam ambed and support strategic commitment to water efficiency and cultural change.
  • Using qualified staff reduces liability risks for contractors and utilities and ensures high quality service whilst ensuring that water efficiency is being delivered to a high standard.
  • Waterwise’s technical, policy and customer engagement expertise can be transferred onto you and your employees.

Who should apply?

Waterwise Training is open to anyone wishing to learn about water efficiency and gain a relevant nationally recognised qualification. We envisage it being particularly appropriate for the following sectors:

  • Wholesale water company employees
  • Water retailer employees
  • Existing plumbers and tradespeople
  • Water company contractors
  • Social and private housing maintenance staff
  • Sustainability officers
  • Local authority advisors
  • Delivery bodies
  • Green NGOs
  • Community organisations
  • Public sector organisations such as regulators and government departments


Through a number of national pilot projects, Waterwise identified a skills and knowledge gap, recognising that there are currently inconsistent messages on water efficiency across the country and no formal qualifications available on retrofitting or installing water saving devices. In the development of two new qualifications aimed to bridge the skills gap, Waterwise consulted with industry experts on both the key knowledge and understanding required by industry for the qualifications, together with the best use of products and practices. This information provided the basis for the qualifications. Representatives from the bathroom industry, water companies, contractors and WRAS were all closely involved in developing the qualifications.

As Waterwise Training moves online (hopefully in summer 2018), larger groups will be able to be trained more efficiently.

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Getting qualified

Waterwise Training is an interactive online experience, with a multiple choice exam is multi choice. Passing the exam will result in the candidate receiving a certificate, thus gaining a national qualification from the UK water efficiency experts.

Why choose Waterwise?