UK Water Efficiency Strategy

The UK Water Efficiency Strategy, developed and launched by Waterwise in June 2017, sets out a cross sector pathway to greater water efficiency and has the support of governments, regulators, water companies and wider stakeholders.

UK Water Efficiency Strategy - consultation open

The UK Water Efficiency Strategy was originally developed and launched by Waterwise in June 2017, setting out a cross sector pathway to greater water efficiency and has the support of governments, regulators, water companies and wider stakeholders.

Increased water efficiency has an essential role to play in helping ensure we have enough water for people, the economy and the environment now and in the future.

Following initial consultation we have now prepared a draft strategy that builds on the work of the previous but sets out our ambitions of water efficiency through to 2030.

The strategy’s vision is to see:

“A UK in which all people, homes and organisations are water-efficient.”

Have your say

We would love your feedback, and we invite comments on our strategy as part of a public consultation. Please take the time to read our plan and tell us your views by Friday 8 July 2022. We will publish a final strategy this autumn.

Our draft water efficiency strategy to 2030

This document  is the consultation draft of a new UK Water Efficiency Strategy being developed by Waterwise. It sets out a cross-sector strategy to deliver greater water efficiency in the UK by 2030, including:

Why we need to reduce demand – so everyone has an understanding of the challenges we face across the UK.

The objectives we want to achieve by 2030 – we have set 10 clear strategic objectives that everyone can play a part in achieving. We have outlined the reasons for these, what needs to change, who needs to be involved and how we will track progress.

How we will monitor delivery of the Strategy – ensuring accountability, providing assurance that the right level of progress is being made and that intended outcomes are being achieved.

Consultation questions – we welcome comments on the draft Strategy and in particular on the consultation questions which you can answer here.

Working together to develop a new Water Efficiency Strategy for the UK

In 2017 the UK Water Efficiency Strategy was developed by Waterwise with collaborative input from a wide range of organisations including water companies, businesses, regulators and customer groups. The purpose of the five year strategy was to raise ambition and delivery on water efficiency in the UK.

Through the Water Efficiency Strategy Steering Group we have been reviewing the strategy and reflecting on what is needed for the future. In 2021 we carried out a first stage of consultation. More than 50 people and organisations contributed with their views on broad questions such as the scope, themes and timescale for the new strategy. 

The results of the first stage consultation can be found here.

We have now prepared a draft strategy following further consultation with stakeholders across the UK to steer its direction and content. 

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Water Efficiency Strategy Steering Group

The steering group for the UK Water Efficiency Strategy brings together experts from the UK water industry together with regulators, NGOs, government and academia. The steering group worked with Waterwise to develop the first strategy published in 2017, and has since worked with government and a range of industry and other partners to take forward the actions it contains. The steering group is chaired by Daniel Johns from Anglian Water with the secretariat provided by Waterwise.