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Welsh Water Lagging Kit Scoping Document

From experience we know that during the cold weather, customers often contact us with issues on their external pipes. A drop in temperature can cause water in pipes to freeze, triggering a burst when it thaws. A repair is then urgently needed, bringing expense and inconvenience.

With the winter fast approaching and the cold weather setting in, Dwr Cymru Welsh Water are reminding customers to protect their home and take advantage of our winter offer of a free lagging kit.

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Welsh Water Water Efficiency Audit Review Report

In 2017-2018 a number of home audits were carried out of customers to try and improve the water efficiency of their properties by supplying and fitting water efficiency products. This report shows the analysis of the outcomes of this project and how it can be improved upon going forward to provide customers with the best possible service in the most cost efficient way.

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Welsh Water Allotment Project Report

After the hottest June on record in Wales, which meant little, if any rainfall in most places. The Water Demand Strategy Team were seeking new ways to convey the message “use the water you need around the home and garden but please don’t waste it” to customers.

The South East Wales Conjunctive Use System (SEWCUS) area was a company wide area of concentration during this time. The Water Efficiency team decided to use this as an area of focus and set up an allotment group project, in line with ‘National Allotment Week’.

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Welsh Water Water Efficiency Lunch and Learn Report

Water Efficiency in Welsh Water and beyond

Institute of Water Lunch and Learn – Debrief Report

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Welsh Water Research – Plastic Pollution and the Refillable Solution

Plastic accounts for around 90% of all waste in the ocean with 46,000 pieces of plastic covering every square mile of the ocean floor In the 1950s the world made about 2 million tonnes of plastic a year, now we make 330 million tonnes a year – and it is set to treble again by 2050. The total weight of plastic in our oceans will exceed that of fish by 2050. This is not an issue that can be tackled by conservationists alone.

Although environmentalists have been banging the drum about plastic waste for decades, plastic has been propelled up the agenda since BBC’s Blue Planet was in December 2017. This has inspired huge action to prevent single use plastic. This year, 2018, the Queen banned plastic cutlery in the palace, The BBC announced a single use plastic ban by 2020, there has been a substantial increase in demand for glass milk bottles, PG tips are going plastic free and Scotland is banning straws and plastic stem cotton buds. Announced on World Environment day 2018, the Indian Government made an astonishing commitment to ban all single-use plastics by 2022.

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Water Efficient Australia Report (2019)

With drought part of Australia’s history and its future, its water utilities are setting the benchmark for water efficiency knowledge and engagement worldwide. This report demonstrates some of the most innovative programs and products from using humour to advocate for change to smart meters and websites that provide leak and water use alerts.

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Southern Water Demand Management Roundtable Note

Note from a Westminster Roundtable on water efficiency organised by Southern Water

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