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Household Greywater Reuse for Garden Irrigation in Perth (2004)

This dissertation focuses on a local system in Perth and uses a combination of experimentation and modelling to determine whether the nutrients supplied by greywater irrigation alone are sufficient to sustain the growth of a family lawn, and whether these nutrients are available for uptake by the turf. A mass balance was carried out to determine the amount of nutrients flowing into and out of the lawn. The results showed that the nutrients supplied by the greywater are beneficial to the irrigated lawn but are not sufficient to sustain its growth. Consequently, the lawn requires the addition of fertiliser to supplement growth.The dissertation examines why greywater reuse for garden irrigation is not a widespread practice in Perth. Six possible barriers were identified, the most influential of these being the cost of installing and maintaining a greywater reuse system.

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The Economics of Water Efficient Products in the Household (2003)

This study by the Environment Agency aims at estimating potential water savings from individual product groups of water-using appliances. It also looks at practical implementation issues, as well as costs accruing to domestic customers and to water companies carrying out large-scale retrofit programmes. The products reviewed include washing machines, dishwashers, toilets, showers and direct water heating appliances. The study showed, among others, that for many appliances there is no information on the relationship between price and performance. It also derives potential implications for demand management policies and programmes in England and Wales.

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Sustainable Water Use in Europe: Demand Management (2001)

This is the second report from the European Environment Agency on sustainable water use in Europe and focuses on how the demand side of water management is being approached across Europe. The report is concerned mainly with measures which aim to achieve increases in the efficiency of use of water over the medium to long term.

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Sharing it out: Introducing water Demand Management Strategies for Small Towns (2001)

The purpose of this report is to describe a number of practical measures that facilitate the development of effective water demand management strategies in small towns of developing countries. The report has been prepared primarily as a briefing document for organisations responsible for service provision, especially for water supply departments and municipal authorities. While it focuses on residential and institutional consumers, many of the measures described are and transferable.

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Rainwater and Greywater in Buildings: Project and Case Studies (2001)

This report gives the results of research projects undertaken by CIRIA and BSRIA, collectively known as Buildings That Save Water (BTSW), involving rainwater and greywater. details the monitoring of demonstration sites, with rainwater or greywater systems, in the UK. It provides a background to the systems monitored, their operational and maintenance requirements, system reliability and user perception. Details of the monitoring results for water savings, financial analysis and microbiological data are also given.

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