Scottish Water consultation – Shaping the future of your water and waste water services

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Waterwise is pleased to respond to the Scottish Water consultation ‘Shaping the future of your water and waste water services’.

Our key recommendations are that Scottish Water:

  • Continue to deliver water efficiency programmes in partnership with energy efficiency programmes in Scotland
  • Investigate the potential of rainwater harvesting at the household and neighbourhood scale to reduce water use, sewer overflows and flooding incidents
  • Scottish Water and the Scottish Government should integrate demand management into the Hydro Nation programme
  • The Saving Water in Scotland Network should be revived as part of the Hydro Nation programme
  • Consider the carbon costs of heating hot water in the home when considering water efficiency vs new supply options
  • Consider retrofitting schools for water efficiency as part of the ‘water cycle campaign’ and work with Waterwise to identify the wider water efficiency savings in the community from this programme
  • Consider metering all properties to help address leakage and support customers to use water more wisely
  • Consider water efficiency to enable growth and development in addition expanding your networks and infrastructure.
  • Scale-up pilots delivered over the last five years and to work with Waterwise on long term communications with customers on water efficiency
  • Work more closely with retailers and businesses to increase water efficiency and to consider demand management in addition to new supply measures when companies are experience growth