What to look out for in 2018…

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Waterwise held a joint workshop with the Water Efficiency Strategy Steering Group and the Water Efficiency and Customer Participation Leadership Group on 17 Jan. This supported key areas of work in 2018 including:
  • Reviewing and responding to draft Water Resources Management Plans – we encourage all stakeholders to comment on water efficiency options in their water company’s plan
  • An independent review and cost benefit analysis of water labelling – this should be a key measure to help the industry and customers choose to save water
  • Water efficiency and customer participation leadership group – continue the discussion and knowledge sharing as well as top-down support for water efficiency within water companies
  • Working with water companies on training and internal cultural change to enable water efficiency options, which involve behaviour changes and some uncertainties that are different from the traditional approaches most companies are used to
  • Sharing knowledge and best practice to support PR19 business plans on ambitious water efficiency measures and challenging water use by water companies by comparing this within the UK and in other countries
  • Working with government and the industry to develop government measures and actions to underpin water efficiency ambition, as well as industry ones
To find out more register to attend the Waterwise Annual Conference on 6 March 2018 in London.