Water efficiency and customer participation leadership group

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The Leadership Group on Water Efficiency and Customer Participation is a Waterwise initiative, launched with the UK water industry in June 2017.

Building on work to date, it brings together senior UK water industry leaders in a more ambitious approach to wasting less water – using this to drive a more customer-led culture.

The Leadership Group is chaired by Simon Oates, Southern Water Executive Director (Chief Customer Officer) Southern Water, and co-convened by Nicci Russell, Waterwise Managing Director. Membership covers all UK wholesale water companies at Chief Customer Officer, Customer Service Director or Managing Director level. Waterwise acts as Secretariat for the Group.

The Leadership Group offers a new opportunity to involve customers in thinking about their future water services. Motivating people to take action, and empowering communities through rewards, could change the way we think about water, and revolutionise services. Waterwise will challenge and support the sector on ambition and innovation – within individual companies and across the sector.

The Leadership Group is:

Leadership Group members have signed up to the following commitment:

As a Leadership Group member I commit to promoting water efficiency as a strategic issue within my organisation; utilising it to engage customers and increase their participation. Further, I commit to using the Leadership Group to learn and share best practice, in order to raise ambition in the UK water industry.