Pledge 2024 assets-2

This may sound like a lot, but what if we told you that you could save this much water in just ONE month? Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean avoiding showers or not doing your laundry!

We’ll be posting some great water saving challenges all month on social media. These simple challenges will range from having a meat-free day to timing your shower. 

The aim is to provide you with easy-to-do tips, which will help you save lots of water, protect the environment, combat climate change and become better informed and mindful about water. 

Are you ready to join us and save 2024 litres this January?


The challenge starts on January 2nd 2024, but you can join at any time on social media. Share your experiences throughout the campaign and let us know your thoughts. Remember to include the hashtags #pledge2024 and #waterwise, so that we can find and repost your content.