Coming August 2024

Every summer, water use spikes, putting pressure on our precious resources. There’s a misconception that a wet summer cancels out the need for conservation.

However, even if it rains, we can’t afford to relax our efforts. A wet summer doesn’t solve the problem—it doesn’t decrease regional demands or replenish long-term reserves. Come Rain or Shine tackles this misconception, equipping households and organisations with the knowledge and practical tips and tools to save water, no matter the weather.

Each week in August we will be highlighting a unique theme and pledge to inspire, educate, and motivate proactive water-saving actions.

Week-by-Week Focus:

  • Week 1 Theme: Understanding Water Scarcity
  • Week 2 Theme: Water Reuse
  • Week 3 Theme: Energy & Affordability
  • Week 4 Theme: Water-Smart Innovations

Week-by-Week Focus:

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