Checkmark for Offices

  • Demonstrate and gain recognition for your commitment to water efficiency as part of your wider sustainability agenda.
  • Receive independently verified accreditation from the UK’s leading authority on water efficiency.
  • Improve CSR credentials and gain positive PR (both internally and externally). 
  • Use the Waterwise Checkmark logo and receive a trophy if awarded.
  • Save water, save energy, save money.

Why obtain a checkmark for your office?

We are facing greater pressure on water resources in the UK due to climate change, population growth, changes in use and the need to protect the environment. A report by the National Infrastructure Commission set out a 1 in 4 chance over the next 30 years that large numbers of households and businesses will have water supplies cut off for an extended period of time. It estimated the economic impact of severe restrictions in England at between £25 and £40 billion.

Waterwise is an independent, not-for-profit organisation with the vision that water will be used wisely, every day, everywhere. We developed the Water Checkmark to improve water use by products, appliances and in a range of business settings.

Offices are a key area where we can reduce water use. On average water savings
from simple water efficiency measures could be between 30% and 67% (based on Thames Water Smarter Business Visit Programme).

Attaining the Checkmark for your office can help you demonstrate to staff, stakeholders and customers your commitment to water efficiency contributing to your sustainability credentials.

Apply for the Waterwise Checkmark for Offices today

We are delighted to have been awarded the Waterwise Checkmark. We are passionate about water efficiency and strongly believe that as part of our commitment to help our customers to use water wisely, we need to be able to practice what we preach. Over the years we have introduced a raft of measures to ensure that our offices are as water efficient as possible. We welcomed the opportunity to verify our efforts through Waterwise’s checkmark and would encourage other businesses to do the same”

SOLO is delighted to have been awarded the Waterwise Checkmark. As well as helping Thames Water deliver their water efficiency programmes for a number of years, SOLO also promotes efficient use of water within our own office premises. Every member of SOLO staff is aware that water is precious and that simple changes can make a massive difference”.

Welsh Water are honoured to be the first water company to receive the Waterwise Checkmark award. We regularly carry out water efficiency audits of all our office buildings to ensure a high standard of efficiency. The application process was easy to understand, and we are planning subsequent applications to cover all Welsh Water offices. The award caught the attention of colleagues and was included as a headline in our business wide newsletter – a great success story!’

"Natural Resources Wales is proud to be the first UK regulator to be awarded the Waterwise Checkmark, highlighting our commitment to water efficiency at our offices and visitor centres. We recognise the environmental benefits of efficient use of one of the most essential of Wales’ natural resources, and are committed to making further efficiency savings across our estate, reducing our water footprint and climate impact. We will look to share our experience and knowledge with partners, so that we can all play our part to make water efficiency savings and help create the Wales we want to see in the future."

We are delighted to have achieved the Waterwise Checkmark for our Offices. We decided to go for the award to reduce our CO2 levels, to save resources we were using internally and also to generally reduce our environmental impact. We have done this by harvesting rain water to clean, using dual flush toilets and urinal flush control devices, and using a cistern displacement. Our next step is to use rainwater to wash our company vehicles.”

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