About Us

Cheap, resilient and environmentally sustainable water is achievable and I think approaches like improving water efficiency can make improvements on all three fronts. We are really lucky to have a campaigning body like Waterwise that is focused on this single but very important issue.

Rachel Fletcher, former CEO, Ofwat

Water efficiency is central to ensuring resilient water supplies in the long term, to protect and improve the environment, and in the transition to net zero.

David Black, Interim CEO, Ofwat

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Our Vision

Water will be used wisely, every day, everywhere.

Our Values

Purpose, pioneer, passion and people.

Who we are

Waterwise is an independent, not-for-profit UK NGO focused on reducing water consumption in the UK.  
We support and challenge governments, industry, customers and others to be innovative and ambitious on water efficiency. We are the leading authority on water efficiency in the UK.
We receive funding from Waterwise Supporters and Affiliates across the UK water sector and beyond, and from sponsorship, research and delivery projects.

What we do

Everything we do drives and promotes water efficiency. We actively support and challenge everyone to aim high on water efficiency for the sake of people, the environment and the economy.
This means we work in a range of areas, including influencing and shaping policy and legislation; driving strategic and practical ambition in the water sector; designing and delivering research; media, campaigns and promotion; running demonstration projects; promoting water-efficient technology; helping businesses be more water-efficient; facilitating partnerships; brokering new solutions; and training water efficiency practitioners.

Our Network

Waterwise has its finger in pies right across the UK! The map below shows our Supporters and Affiliates and the groups we’re involved in. For a small team of 7, our reach and influence is big.

Our Staff Team

Dr Fatima Ajia

Campaigns and Social Research Manager

Fatima has over a decade experience as a socio-environmentalist. She has a PhD in Urban Studies and Planning and her doctoral research focused on water efficiency engagement.

She is passionate about addressing the climate emergency and spends her free time writing, painting, running, and cycling. My ongoing sustainability pledge is to drive less, cycle more.



Rebecca Collins

Marketing Manager (secondment)

Rebecca Collins has worked for the past 9 years in Marketing and Communications for CCW – the voice for water consumers. She has joined Waterwise on secondment as Marketing Manager. In her spare time she runs a heavy metal record label and weight lifts.

My sustainability pledge for 2021 is to cut down my single-use plastic consumption and carry a reusable water bottle wherever she goes.



Barbara Hale 

Head of Water Efficiency Engagement (Maternity Leave Cover)

Barbara is our Marketing and Business Development Manager with 5+ years of experience in marketing and a background in finance. She loves all things digital, dry humour and martial arts. 

My sustainability pledge for 2020 is to have 2 meat-free days every week.

07885 913231  


Stephanie Hurry 

Head of Water Efficiency Engagement (on Maternity Leave)

Stephanie aka ‘Water Saving Steff’ has been in the Water Industry for seven years and is the Head of Water Efficiency Engagement at Waterwise. She loves travelling, reading, photography and her two pet rabbits Ralph and Millie.

My sustainability pledge for 2020 is to reduce my fast fashion and meat consumption throughout the year.


Stella Lindsey 

Office Manager

Stella has over 20 years experience in operations management and is the Office Manager at Waterwise.  Stella loves gardening, good food, sunshine and organising!

My sustainability pledge for 2021 is to reduce my plastic consumption in the kitchen.  I am going to stop using clingfilm, single use plastic bags and I am also going to buy more items that I can refill in order to reduce the amount of plastic packaging I purchase.


0208 164 1490


Nathan Richardson 

Head of Strategy and Policy

Nathan has over 30 years experience in the water sector working in academia, for the Water Industry, in consultancy and for NGOs. He is our Head of Strategy & Policy and in his spare time is a natural and human history buff and long-suffering Aston Villa fan.

My sustainability pledge for 2020 is to install/use more water butts, so that I will only need to top up my pond with rainwater.



Nicci Russell 

Managing Director

Nicci’s career in the water sector spans over 20 years – across government, regulators and Waterwise. Nicci is a mum to three and loves people, politics, music and nature. She is a high school governor and a former junior school Chair of Governors. She is a Trustee at Power2, a national youth development charity.

My sustainability pledge for 2021 is to go on as many muddy walks as possible.



Laura White 

Projects and Research Manager 

Laura loves all things water, in particular water efficiency and has been in the water industry for 5 years. She is our Projects & Research Manager and in her spare time likes to explore new places, cook and play her clarinet and saxophone in various bands.

My sustainability pledge for 2021 is to reduce the amount of new clothes I buy and when I do need new clothes use pre-loved clothes apps instead. I also want to continue to aim at being meat-free in the week as often as I can.



Jo Osborn

Jo Osborn

Policy and Projects Manager

Jo has over 15 years’ experience in the water industry, with a particular interest in stakeholder engagement and behaviour change communications. She completed a MSc in Behavioural Science at LSE in 2020. In her spare time, Jo enjoys open water swimming and is getting back (gradually) into netball.

My sustainability pledge for 2021 is to repair more clothes rather than jump online and order new – luckily working from home means I can hide my terrible sewing skills from the world!



Our Board

Andy Blackhall 

Non-Executive Director

Andy is the commercial director of WRc (Water Research Centre, UK) and is currently on loan to the Department of International Trade as Water Sector specialist. Andy’s 15 years in consulting, contracting and water utilities provides strategic and operational breadth. Andy has vast experience in technology and innovation and is an advocate for the sectors ability to contribute to sustainable green growth. As the chair of the British Water International forum Andy also represents views of the UK supply chain. Andy is proud to be associated with the great work Waterwise in keeping a focus on sustainable water reuse in the UK. When not working Andy heads to the Sea whenever possible; “when sailing everything seems to make sense”.

Tania Flasck 


Tania Flasck is currently Director of Water with Skewb having previously been Head of Water Networks for Thames Valley with Thames Water. She has held senior roles on the infrastructure board with Turner & Townsend along with Vice President with Jacobs and MWH and is a Non Exec Director with British Water. An environmental professional with over 20 years’ experience predominantly in the water sector, she has worked all over the world bringing strategy and projects to life.  Tania’s formative years were spent commissioning and operating water & wastewater treatment facilities in the UK and USA, subsequently progressing into a variety of leadership roles in project delivery, strategy and business development. A working Mum with three children, she is a huge advocate for diversity in the sector.

Lee Horrocks

Deputy Chair

Lee has worked in the water sector all of his career, for both contractors and professional consultants, at all levels including MD and CEO. He has been a non-executive Director of British Water for over 10 Years. He now has his own Executive Consulting business, supporting small businesses and SMEs in the sector, and with this in mind recently accepted the post of UK water sector strategic advisor to Enterprise Ireland.

Karma Loveday 

Non-Executive Director

Karma has been a specialist water and regulated industries journalist for over 20 years. She founded The Water Report in 2014 and now edits and runs it as a family business.

She is also an advisor on water policy, including to major businesses.

Karma loves living by the sea in Brighton, with her husband and two children.

Karma’s sustainability pledge is to try to tread lightly on the planet, including through no meat and no unnecessary purchases.

Rose O’Neill

Non-Executive Director

Rose’s career has been in nature conservation and sustainability. She’s passionate about water efficiency so we can all access it – people and wildlife. Rose is a social scientist at Natural England, a mum of two boys and a trustee of Wessex Rivers Trust.

Rose’s sustainability pledge is to connect with nature everyday.  

Follow Rose on Twitter @RoseONei11

Nicci Russell 

Managing Director

Nicci’s career in the water sector spans over 20 years – across government, regulators and Waterwise. Nicci is a mum to three and loves people, politics, music and nature. She is a high school governor and a former junior school Chair of Governors.

My sustainability pledge for 2020 is to not buy new clothes for a year.


Suzanne Thompson

Non-Executive Director

Suzanne is a strategic, award-winning, commercially-oriented HRD with extensive business transformation and service delivery experience.

An experienced NED and Mental Health Charity Chair, Suzanne is passionate about people, the environment and making a difference.

Suzanne has over 20 years’ experience in the utility sector and is delighted to be part of the Waterwise Board.