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Cheap, resilient and environmentally sustainable water is achievable and I think approaches like improving water efficiency can make improvements on all three fronts. We are really lucky to have a campaigning body like Waterwise that is focused on this single but very important issue.

Rachel Fletcher, former CEO, Ofwat

Water efficiency is central to ensuring resilient water supplies in the long term, to protect and improve the environment, and in the transition to net zero.

David Black, CEO, Ofwat

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Our Vision

Water will be used wisely every day, everywhere, by everyone

Our Values

Purpose, pioneer, passion and people

Who we are

Waterwise is the leading independent voice in the UK for using water wisely, for the benefit of people and the planet. Our vision is that water is used wisely every day, everywhere, by everyone. We are the UK’s conscience on water efficiency, on behalf of people and the planet, and are experts in water efficiency policy, regulation, research, behaviour and campaigns. Waterwise is a people-led organisation which prioritises the wellbeing of its staff.

We are at the heart of a huge network of stakeholders in the UK – as part of this, in 2022 we published our Water Efficiency Strategy to 2030, which we created with 70 organisations and has an ecosystem of groups and activity to deliver it. 

In our Strategic Direction to 2030 we set out how we will flex our independence even more, harness the power of partnerships, listen to a more diverse range of voices and, drive, develop and deliver even more campaigns. We are committed to playing our role in equity, diversity and inclusion in the water sector and we published our EDI statement setting out commitments on this in 2022.

Water scarcity is a huge issue right across the UK, right here, right now, and not just an issue for the future – water efficiency is a huge part of the solution, making the water we have go further, and reducing water and energy bills and carbon, as well as leaving more water in the environment to sustain our beautiful rivers and lakes, and economic and housing growth. We are very grateful for the support of our Supporters, Affiliates and sponsors, without whom we could not drive our vision. Do get in touch if you would like to work with us on water efficiency.

Climate Justice

The climate emergency will affect different people and places unevenly, and so is likely to lead to inequalities within and across nations, and between current and future generations, creating injustice.

This is why we put great emphasis on climate justice in our work. Climate justice for us means actively correcting this to ensure that the impacts of water scarcity are felt fairly in the UK. Specifically, it means ensuring that water efficiency policies, programmes and messages do not reinforce or make worse existing systemic biases against people both with protected characteristics* and with other characteristics which make them vulnerable to bias, such as low family income – and also taking care of the natural environment from which we source the water.

*Protected characteristics are age, disability, gender reassignment, marital or civil partnership status, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation.

Our Network

Waterwise has its finger in pies right across the UK! The map below shows our Supporters and Affiliates and the groups we’re involved in. For a small team of 7, our reach and influence is big.

Our Staff Team

Waterwise works a 4 Day Week* so the office is closed on Fridays.

*You can find out more about the 4 Day Week here.

Rob Bealey

Team Assistant

Rob is our Team Assistant with 10+ years administrative experience. In his spare time Rob enjoys music, gardening and has a passion for history and wildlife. 

My sustainability pledge for is to plan my new front and back gardens specifically to attract birds and wildlife and to water only a with a watering can filled from my rainwater butt.



Rachel Dyson

Project Manager

Rachel has more than two decades of rich experience in the water industry, collaborating with and working for a variety of water companies, consultancies, and nonprofit organisations. Her extensive career has seen her develop and implement several behavioural change programmes, projects, and engagement strategies. She is a Board of Trustee member for the East Mercia Rivers Trust and a proud mother of two daughters and a cockapoo. Rachel is passionate about increasing everyone’s appreciation of our most precious, tangible and natural resource – water.
My sustainability pledges are to increase the rewilding area in my garden and reduce our family’s food waste.

07513 702177


Stephanie Fox 

Head of Water Efficiency Engagement 

Stephanie aka ‘Water Saving Steff’ has been in the Water Industry for seven years and is the Head of Water Efficiency Engagement at Waterwise. She loves travelling, reading, photography and her two pet rabbits Ralph and Millie.

My sustainability pledge is to have more plant-based options as well as planning out food for the week to reduce food waste.  



Stella Lindsey 

Office Manager

Stella has over 20 years experience in operations management and is the Office Manager at Waterwise.  Stella loves gardening, good food, sunshine and organising!

My sustainability pledge is to grow more produce in my garden this year organically and only using the water from my water butt.


0208 164 1490


Chloe McFarland

Campaigns Manager

Chloe comes from a Creative Agency background, working on a variety of diverse campaigns over the last 8 years, from TV to apps.

My sustainability pledge for 2024 is to reduce my single plastic use. I’ve also been a veggie for the last 8 years, but pledge to educate myself more about veganism and learn about changes I can make to reduce my animal products.

07902 309083


Jo Osborn

Deputy Head of Policy and Public Affairs

Jo has over 15 years’ experience in the water industry, with a particular interest in stakeholder engagement and behaviour change communications. She completed a MSc in Behavioural Science at LSE in 2020. In her spare time, Jo enjoys open water swimming and is getting back (gradually) into netball.

My sustainability pledge is to create a rain garden for our front garden




Nathan Richardson

Head of Strategy and Policy

Nathan has over 30 years experience in the water sector working in academia, for the Water Industry, in consultancy and for NGOs. He is our Head of Strategy & Policy and in his spare time is a natural and human history buff and long-suffering Aston Villa fan.

My sustainability pledge is to generate at least 2000 kWh of renewable energy in 2024.




Nicci Russell 

Chief Executive Officer

Nicci’s career in the water sector spans over 20 years – across government, regulators and Waterwise. Nicci is a mum to three and loves people, politics, music and nature. She is a high school governor and a former junior school Chair of Governors. 

My sustainability pledge is to reduce our food waste as a family – buying and cooking consciously, with this in mind.



Lauren Salter

Projects Assistant

Lauren has degrees in chemistry and ethnobotany, with experience in administration, horticulture, and social science research within agriculture. In her spare time, she runs a community river testing group and enjoys hiking, camping, gardening, and sewing.

My sustainability pledge is to reduce single-use plastic by growing my own herbs and buying unpackaged fruit and veg. I also aim to minimise car journeys by cycling and using public transport more.

07523 670859


Chris Scullion

Communications and Marketing Assistant

After graduating with a BA in Architecture, Chris has worked in the ethical fashion and green energy technology industries. In their spare time Chris plays Rugby League, enjoys weightlifting, and loves all things crafty and creative.

My sustainability pledge for 2024 is to reduce my solo car journeys by carpooling and using public transport more. I will continue to eat a plant based diet, and as much as I can talk to friends and family about increasing the number of plant based meals they eat.

07885 913231


Richard Tidswell

Interim Head of Commercial Services


Laura White 

Projects and Training Manager 

Laura loves all things water, in particular water efficiency and has been in the water industry for 8+ years. She is our Projects & Training Manager and in her spare time likes to explore new places, cook and play her clarinet and saxophone in various bands.

My sustainability pledge is to incorporate sustainability where I can into my wedding day and to eat more vegan food.



Our Board

Steve Arthur

Non-Executive Director

Steve has been hugely fortunate to have worked in water for his whole career, from delivering capital programmes, leading business change to running the retail business market. His current role is a global engagement role for utility technology innovator, Smart Energy Water, developing digital platforms to connect customers and communities with their water and energy use.

Joe Cahill

Non-Executive Director

Joe Cahill has a background in Geography and Sociology, and is a Consultant and Sales and Account Lead at Artesia Consulting. He is experienced in applying social science concepts and mixed methods data to complex industry problems. He is passionate about understanding how people use water in the home, a passion that he will leverage to further Waterwise’s vision.

Lydia Dareheath

Non-Executive Director 

Having dedicated her career to the water sector, Lydia Dareheath is currently serving as Public Affairs Manager at Anglian Water Services, having previously worked for organisations such as Waterwise and Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water. Her insights into the water sector make Lydia a valuable asset to the Waterwise Board as she continues to champion water efficiency projects and policy changes across the UK.

Jane Ferguson

Non-Executive Director

New to the water sector, Jane has a track-record in branding and marketing. Jane’s career spans various industries including consumer goods, retail, pharmaceuticals, telecoms, and financial services. Specialising in strategy and consulting, Jane works with large global businesses with a keen eye on defining clear goals and focusing on what will make a positive impact. Jane’s varied skill set, dedication to organisational change and commercial capabilities make her an invaluable addition to the Waterwise Board.

Mumin Islam

Non-Executive Director

Mumin has over 14 years of experience in the water sector and a strong passion for water efficiency and reducing waste in general and working with hard-to-reach communities. He is currently at South Staffs Water and Cambridge Water, leading the next Price Review 2024 (PR24) – the company’s next business plan.

My sustainability pledge as a practicing Muslim is to reduce the amount of water I use for ablution (or wudu) before my daily prayers according to the prophetic tradition which encourages us to use water wisely.

Chana King

Non-Executive Director

Chana is a project manager, school governor and foundation committee member, working and volunteering in places that impact positively on our communities.She is passionate about inclusion and diversity however mostly enjoys spending time exploring our capital city and crafting with her children.  

As a mother to two growing faster than the speed of light, my sustainability pledge is to find a better way to get rid of old well loved clothes that are not suitable for donating or reusing in some other way.  

Diane McCrea

Interim Chair / Non-Executive Director 

Over the past twenty years Diane has (amongst other things) worked on the sustainability agenda with the Consumer Council for Water, Natural Resources Wales, and Cynnal Cymru – Sustain Wales.  Previously based in London, she worked on food and consumer affairs with consumer groups, WHO, FAO and the European Commission, travelling all over the world for this work, but is now happy to be living and working back home in Wales.

My sustainability pledge is to spread the word about saving water to all the other organisations I work with and to get them to signed up to Waterwise Checkmark. 

Nicci Russell 

Chief Executive Officer

Nicci’s career in the water sector spans over 20 years – across government, regulators and Waterwise. Nicci is a mum to three and loves people, politics, music and nature. She is a high school governor and a former junior school Chair of Governors. She is a Chair of Power2, a national youth development charity.

My sustainability pledges for 2023 are to eat more vegan food and buy more secondhand clothes.

Tanya Sephton

Non-Executive Director

With over 20 years’ experience in the regulated and deregulated water sector, Tanya has significant experience in customer service, business planning and performance management, economic regulation, business change and transformation and programme management. She thrives in a role that provides challenge and is built on integrity, and working in an industry that has a purpose and value to society.

My sustainability pledge is to eat less meat and to use public transport more, rather than driving.