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Waterwise Policy Asks of the New Government - July 2024

We face a water deficit of at least 4800 million litres per day (Mld) if we want to have a healthy environment, secure water supplies and future growth. Over 50% of this deficit needs to be met by reducing our water demand with at least 1000 Mld relying on new government policy. 

Today we set out our top 6 water saving policy priorities for the new government – together they have potential to reduce water use by more than 2000 Mld:

  1. Deliver the UK mandatory water efficiency label making it easy for people and businesses to choose more water efficient products
  2. Urgently increase water saving ambition in Building Regulations for new development
  3. Support the planned smart water meter roll-out in England
  4. Update the Energy Performance Certificate to include water efficiency
  5. Require very high water using businesses to report on their efforts to reduce water use
  6. Require all buildings to be fitted with leak detection

If you want to find out more about Waterwise; our policy asks; the UK Water Efficiency Strategy to 2030 or our wider work as the UK’s leading water efficiency NGO please get in touch with us at