Water Saving Week 2024 | Waterwise Campaign Announcement

As climate change intensifies, water efficiency becomes increasingly important – spread the word this Water Saving Week.

Increasingly erratic weather patterns, combined with population growth and changes in lifestyle, have led to growing pressure being put on our water supplies. By 2050 there is predicted to be a shortfall of nearly 5 billion litres of water per day between the sustainable water supplies available and the expected demand (source) – if action isn’t taken now. Taking positive action now will make a difference and can help to ensure that there is enough water to go around, for our families, for our businesses and for the environment.

Waterwise started Water Saving Week in 2015 to get the nation talking about saving water, and most importantly, empowering people to take action to save water, at home, at work and in their communities. This year it will run from 13th May to 17th May. Engaging with a range of partners to increase social media and online reach over the course of the week, last year the campaign reached over 3.5million people, with contributors generating over 1.2k social media posts.

Waterwise’s CEO, Nicci Russell, emphasises:

“Across the UK the last six months have been very wet, but this time last year we were preparing for serious water scarcity and supply challenges right across the UK if the rain hadn’t come. Let’s not forget that we have had in recent years historically low rainfall and unprecedented hosepipe bans in lots of areas of the UK traditionally considered wet. So it is vital that as part of our climate actions we take steps to use less water and it’s important we start taking action now. 

“Join us for this year’s Water Saving Week as we discuss why it’s so important to be water-efficient. Get involved by trying out our tips and sharing your own water wise ways to help spread awareness.

Scottish Influencer of the Year and Waterwise contributor, Laura Young, added:

“Water conservation is a huge part of climate action, and it’s something we can all take part in from our homes. Checking for leaky taps and toilets, and thinking about how much water we use is an essential part of climate action, and that’s why I am thrilled to be sharing tips this Water Saving Week to help more people join in the wave of action to help our planet!”

This year’s campaign revolves around the theme of integrating water-saving habits into daily routines. Every conscious choice matters, and every choice has an impact. Throughout this week, the focus is on you – the individual. By incorporating small water-saving habits, we can collectively make a BIG impact on water conservation. 

Whether it’s embracing the #leakyloochallenge to pinpointing areas in your household where water can be saved, everyone is encouraged to actively participate. Visit the Water Saving Week Website to show your support, make a water saving pledge, and find posters and information to share.

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Waterwise is an independent not-for-profit campaigning organisation, and the leading authority on water efficiency in the UK. Our vision is that water will be used wisely, every day, everywhere. We receive funding from Waterwise Supporters and Affiliates across the UK water sector and beyond, and from sponsorship, research and delivery projects. 

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