We know that water efficiency can help secure future water supplies, leave more water in the environment to protect it, and contribute to reaching net zero, but it can also play an important role helping people save money – something that is always welcome as we get closer to Christmas.

Below we share three wise ways that saving water can save a household hundreds of pounds on their annual water and energy bill with most of the savings coming for free or for very little cost. 


    A family of four could save £95 a year on their annual energy and water bill just by reducing time spent in the shower by a minute each day, making this a great, no-cost way to save money.

    So pop your favourite Christmas tune on the radio when you jump in the shower, but make sure it’s a quick one – “Stay another day” by East 17 is under five minutes and a classic! Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas” is a swift 4 minutes – and might encourage you to be out even quicker!




    A family of four could save around £210 a year on their water and energy bill by choosing a more efficient shower head. Many water companies also provide their customers with water efficient shower heads for free.


    A water efficient showerhead could save a family of four more than 32,000 litres a year or the same as 100 baths per person. Many water companies offer free water saving shower heads to customers via the SaveWaterSave Money or Get Water Fit platforms or directly via their websites and they can be fitted by the householder.



    Fitting low cost or free tap aerators can save a household around £75 on their annual water and energy bill.


    According to Energy Saving Trust around 11.5% of a typical household’s total energy bill comes from heating water with around three quarters of that coming from hot water used through taps. So reducing tap flow rates using things like tap aerators is a great low cost way to save water and energy. 


    A tap aerator is a small attachment that either fits onto the end of the tap or can be inserted inside of the existing spout (not sprout). They control the amount of water that flows through the tap without affecting the water pressure as they mix the water with air. They can halve water used through taps potentially saving a household £30 on their annual water and sewerage bill and £45 on their annual energy bill.  What’s more they can cost as little as £5 each and be fitted by the householder. Many water companies offer tap aerators to customers for free via the SaveWaterSave Money or Get Water Fit platforms or directly via their websites.


    If you are running a dishwasher make sure like a Christmas stocking it is fully loaded.


Despite our tips, and those shared by water companies (e.g. Yorkshire Water in their Teapot Index), many customers will still be struggling with their water bills this Christmas. There are a range of support schemes and discounted tariffs available. CCW provides information about the different types of support offered by water companies and other organisations. See here for more information  Save money and water | CCW (ccwater.org.uk)

Facts and Figures

This blog is based on information developed via the Waterwise Water and Energy Task and Finish Group – working with Energy Saving Trust, NEA, CCW and water companies. The calculations are from work by Energy Saving Trust and are based on a number of assumptions and this may change depending on existing flow rates and behaviour change.