Water efficiency is for life not just the warm and dry months

Saving water should be a year-round mindset, not just for the warmer and drier summer months.

This is the message from Waterwise, the UK’s leading independent voice for using water wisely.  


While it is common to see water saving tips during the warmer months when rainfall is lower, being water wise and clever with how water is used should be a mindset that households employ all year round.


During the colder and wetter months, households can use the following tips and advice to enhance their water saving activities.


  • An inch less in the bath – baths are warm and comforting, but try an inch less water
  • Lag external taps and pipes – wrap any outside taps or pipes to protect from frost and bursts
  • Fill a tea pot – rather than fill and boil a kettle each time you want a cup of tea, make a full tea pot and pop a cosy on
  • Shorter showers – a quick shower will help save water and energy
  • Leaky loos – Is there water trickling into the toilet bowl? It’s likely there’s a leak.


Nicci Russell, CEO of Waterwise, said: “We can all do our bit to save water and to be clever with how we use the wastewater. We firmly believe that lots of small changes and actions throughout the year add up to make a big impact.”


Waterwise works with organisations and water companies to encourage water efficiency for the benefit of people and the planet. For information can be found by visiting https://www.waterwise.org.uk