The Waterwise Conference returns this month, sponsored by Northumbrian Water, with over 60 speakers presenting, pitching, sharing case studies, and answering questions over the five days.

Taking place online from 21-25 March 2022, attendees can look forward to a broad range of sessions discussing all things water efficiency and the climate crisis – getting back on track after Covid, delivering successful behaviour change initiatives, ensuring social justice in adaptation, reaching net zero or creating a new water efficiency strategy for the UK. 

Sessions will take place every morning throughout the week, with a full day focusing on connecting and evaluating the science, policy and practice of behaviour change for water efficiency on the Tuesday.

Waterwise Managing Director Nicci Russell is excited about the conference, bringing together some of the best and brightest minds in and beyond the water sector. Nicci said:

Water scarcity is an issue right here, right now, right across the UK, and water efficiency is essential to making the water we do have go further, and the Waterwise Conference is always a great opportunity for us all to come together and reconnect about what is important.

‘We’ve made a conscious effort this year to bring together some of the most brilliant minds and diverse voices working in the field, in academia and on the policy and regulatory framework. You just have to look at the incredible list of speakers we have at this conference to see how important these discussions and continued sharing of knowledge is to this sector. We’re looking forward for example to hearing from the UK Health Security Agency on the public health impacts of water scarcity; from UK universities, water companies and others about how we all actually use water (with no doubt some surprises!); from people on the ground who are trying to make innovative policy options like ‘water neutrality’ work; and from campaigners outside the water sector on how to make sure water efficiency messaging and programmes don’t reinforce existing inequalities.

Another indication of how essential conferences like this are to the whole sector has been the support received from UK water companies. Gold Sponsor Northumbrian Water is joined by Silver Sponsors Arqiva, Methven and Southern Water, as well as Session Sponsors Anglian Water, Portsmouth Water, Scottish Water, South West Water, United Utilities and Wave. 

Nicci went on to say:

‘There are great strides being taken on water efficiency, but there is still so much more to do – the climate crisis demands the attention of the water efficiency community! This conference is about momentum and we hope that attendees will walk away from our sessions ready to take action. Waterwise will certainly be taking forward the outcomes from the conference – on finessing our new collective water efficiency strategy for the UK, on how to drive behaviour change for water efficiency, on water efficiency and climate justice, and on so much more!.’

Registration is now open