Waterwise’s Nicci Russell calls for urgent action in latest article in The Water Report

Acting in her capacity as independent chair of the multi-stakeholder Senior Water Demand Reduction Group (SWDRG), Waterwise Managing Director, Nicci Russell recently wrote to Government, regulators and industry to issue an urgent call for action to cut water demand, tackle a growing water deficit and support the net zero agenda.

In the latest edition of The Water Report, Nicci discussed why – and how – demand reduction should be elevated as an urgent priority.

“The letter is an urgent call to action to address a widening gap between what is needed on demand management and where demand is heading. “The National Framework (NF) Senior Steering Group heard last month that the expected need for water has increased markedly from the original NF estimates in 2020, that demand management plays a very important role in reducing the national deficit (around 2,000 Ml/d by 2050) and that non- delivery of these demand reductions presents a ‘significant risk of worsening supply deficits and security of supply’. And yet, the latest data, collated by Defra for the SWDRG, shows very clearly that overall water consumption has increased since 2019 and that we are not on track against Ministers’ ambitions.” 

Russell comments: “It’s really sobering…We need a lot more demand reduction.”

The full article is available here