Call for Abstracts and Speakers for Sessions 3 & 4 - Waterwise Conference 2022

Waterwise Conference – March 21st -25th 2022 – Call for Abstracts and Speakers for Session 3 and Session 4

Session 3: Call for Short Abstracts for the Session Titled ‘Behaviour Change – Connecting Science, Policy and Practice’ – sponsored by Anglian Water

The Behaviour Change session will be held on Tuesday the 22nd of March 2022. This session has been developed in response to the daunting challenge water managers currently face with systematically planning, delivering, and evidencing impacts of behaviour influencing campaigns to enhance water efficiency. Indeed, behaviour change has been critiqued for being difficult to measure and be accounted for in water demand reductions and as a result, unreliable for planning water efficiency strategies. 

The Behaviour Change session is therefore intended as a space to discourse and present suitable material relating to behaviour change in water efficiency, whether innovative ideas of a theoretical or policy nature, or case studies. It is hoped that this session will bring together water managers, academics, and policy stakeholders to share information and ideas, and will serve as a springboard for new networks and collaborations.

Quick-fire talks 
As part of the Behaviour Change session, we welcome a number of quick-fire talks which focus primarily on the evaluation aspect of behaviour change projects to achieve water efficiency, including elements that constitute current evidence and where gaps currently lie.

You are therefore invited to submit short abstracts on specific projects or case studies to contribute to the quick-fire talks. The aim of the quick-fire talks is to concisely communicate the essence of and behaviour change-related impact of a project, or pitch about your related theoretical ideas leaving time for the subjects to be explored further with other conference participants in a follow-up panel discussion. The main discussants in the follow-up panel discussion will be all quick-fire presenters.

Quick-fire presenters will be expected to provide one slide and to speak for five minutes. The presentation slots are suitable for PhD students as well as established academics and water managers in the industry. 

We are seeking contributions that:

  • summarise a social science project which addresses behaviour change in water use from an evaluation perspective, either practice or theoretical.

  • advance our understanding of how behaviour change impact is evaluated and evidenced in practice.

  • support our understanding of current gaps and challenges faced when planning, delivering, and evaluating behaviour change campaigns to reduce household water use.

General requirements for short abstracts

Abstracts should be succinct. 

The deadline for submission is Monday 7th February 2022.

Please submit your abstract using this link

Session 4: Call for Speakers for the Session ‘Water Efficiency and Climate Justice’ – sponsored by South West Water

The climate justice session will be held on Wednesday 23 March 2022. This session has been developed in response to the growing discussion in the UK about the impacts of climate change including on those who are impacted, with a recognition that it is likely to lead to inequalities within communities and across generations.

It is clear that climate justice seeks to address the inequitable outcomes for different people and places created due to vulnerability to climate impacts, and also focuses on ensuring that the policy and practice responses to address climate change and its consequences are fair. 

This conference session will therefore be an opportunity for conversations specifically about the links between water efficiency and climate justice, specifically in relation to individual and collective vulnerabilities and how we use resources and capabilities at our disposal to prepare for, respond to, and recover from climate change impacts. We are looking for a range of perspectives to join us for some panel conversations and question and answer opportunities.

We are seeking speakers that:

  • set out why this matters and what the sector needs to do to get it right.

  • can speak about their plans to ensure demographic/geographical and intergenerational fairness in water companies.

If you are interested in speaking on this topic please email by Monday 7th February 2022.