How to effectively minimise your daily water usage

As many of us continue to spend most of our time at home due to COVID-19 restrictions, the current demand for water across the UK is significantly increasing.

Latest research from Waterwise estimates that over 2 billion litres of water is used each day across Britain through showering, the equivalent to almost 800 Olympic size swimming pools.

Here Martin Walker, CEO of Methven, shares his advice on how we can significantly reduce our water usage throughout the bathroom, without compromising on the overall showering experience.

Prior to COVID-19, national water usage was rising at an alarming rate. Over the last six months as the majority of us have been in our homes, this has added additional significant pressure to the current water shortage. It is therefore our combined responsibility to proactively change our habits to help minimise the quantity of water that we use each day throughout the home.

With Waterwise research finding that baths and showers are accountable for the highest usage of water consumption in the home, at around 34%, it’s vital that the biggest changes to our approach begin in the bathroom.

Starting with the shower

With the average shower head using 12 litres per minute, and the typical shower taken lasting around 10 minutes, that’s up to 120 litres of waters being used each time a person in your household showers. For a family of four, that’s almost 500 litres of water!

So, how can we work to reduce the amount of water used when we shower, without compromising on the overall experience? By choosing a shower with a low flow rate, you can actively minimise the amount of water that is used.

Historically, some water efficient showerheads, particularly those at entry level that are commonly constructed of white plastic, have gained a negative reputation with consumers for having poor performance and forcing compromise on the overall bathroom aesthetic.

While many of these products may have significantly reduced the flow rate of water used per minute, the overall function was so limited that individuals had to shower for up to twice as long, resulting in the same level of water usage as a normal shower head.

As a result, Methven research concluded this led to a proportion of homeowners being sceptical of water efficient products and ultimately replacing the shower head with their original, or less efficient, model to gain better performance and visual appeal. 

However, latest advancements in showering technology are delivering a new generation of high quality, visually appealing chrome showers that provide the lowest flow rates available, without compromising on functionality or aesthetics.

This includes systems such as Methven’s unique, contemporary range of Chrome Satinjet® handsets, shower roses and fixed shower heads, which offer a flow rate as low as 5.7 litres a minute. That’s half the usage of the average showerhead, helping to reduce the 120 litres of water being used per shower to just 60 litres, without impacting on the overall quality.

This is achieved through its unique twin-jet technology, which creates optimum water droplet size and pressure, delivering over 300,000 droplets per second. The result is an immersive, full body showering experience that provides individuals with the highest standards in performance every single time, whilst simultaneously using less water.

Concentrating on carbon

While choosing shower heads with a low flow rate will actively work to halve water consumption when showering, it also supports a significant reduction in energy bills as the overall use of energy to heat the water is also halved for each shower.

Over a quarter of each household’s heating bill comprises of heating water for baths, showers and taps. If each home in the UK took one minute off their shower every day, it would save a substantial £215 billion each year on the collective energy bill.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, heating water for use in our homes totals around 4% of the UK’s total carbon dioxide emissions.

By selecting a shower head with a low flow rate, you can not only actively reduce your energy bills, but help to alleviate some of the pressure on the UK’s water supply, whilst simultaneously mitigating against the impact of climate change, all without compromising on performance.

This can be achieved with Methven’s Tūora collection of showers, which feature its patented spray technology, VJet™, to deliver a variable spray pattern that can be adapted to each user’s personal preference, whilst also maintaining a water-saving flow rate that distributes 9 litres per minute with wide-spray coverage.

Methven’s unique Aurajet™ technology also creates an optimised water flow rate of 9 litres per minute, whilst simultaneously providing the most advance, invigorating shower experience available. This is achieved through invisible nozzles that generate individual jets of water that collide against precisely angled surfaces hidden within the contours of the unique Aio halo-shaped shower head.

As experts in showering technology, Methven is a proud supporter of Waterwise. Over the last three years, we have actively worked together to raise awareness of the simple changes that can be made throughout the home to help reduce daily water usage, proactively making a real positive effect on the environment.

For more information on Methven’s diverse range of sustainable showering solutions, visit or email