How small changes can make a big difference this Water Saving Week

By Ofwat

It’s easy to get lost in the scale of the challenges we currently face. COVID-19 has affected every aspect of our lives and it may be some time before we know the true extent of its impact.

Despite the scale of the pandemic, small things can make a huge, positive difference to our communities. Our behaviours have had to change, but change can be for the better. One phonecall to a friend or relative can remind them that they’re not alone. Community messaging groups expand our support networks and some have turned neighbours into friends who help us with our shopping. Taking five minutes each week to recognise key workers shows the strength of appreciation and community spirit. These are the small things we can focus on; little changes in behaviour that make a big difference.

We see those key workers in the water industry make a positive difference to their communities, through both big and small actions. Water companies have set up community funds to support local charities, with extra financial aid available for vulnerable customers. They’ve shared free educational resources for children and contributed to setting up the NHS Nightingale hospitals and COVID-19 testing centres. Ofwat has been highlighting the different ways water companies are aiding their communities and it is that support, that sense of coming together, which is something we can all be part of during this time.

We know the importance of washing our hands, and how it needs to be the absolute priority. But, this Water Saving Week, there are small steps we can all take elsewhere to reduce our own water consumption.

The actions may seem small, but the impact of little changes in our behaviour can be hugely beneficial, as we’ve all seen. Waterwise have a list of the small alterations we can make here, such as having shorter showers, watering the plants reusing cooking water or using a watering can instead of a hose.

These changes may not seem significant, but they can all contribute to helping protect and preserve our water resources both now and in the future. Because small things can make a big difference.