How do we avoid the jaws of death – the point at which, unless we take action to change things, we will not have enough water to supply our needs?(...)We are particularly interested in specific ideas on how we could get this country to Waterwise’s ambitious target of 100 litres per person per day.

Sir James Bevan, CEO, Environment Agency

Who we are

Waterwise is an independent, not-for-profit campaigning organisation focused on reducing water consumption in the UK.  
We support and challenge governments, industry, customers and others to be innovative and ambitious on water efficiency. We are the leading authority on water efficiency in the UK.
We receive funding from Waterwise Supporters and Affiliates across the UK water sector and beyond, and from sponsorship, research and delivery projects.

What we do

Everything we do drives and promotes water efficiency. We actively support and challenge everyone to aim high on water efficiency for the sake of people, the environment and the economy.
This means we work in a range of areas, including influencing and shaping policy and legislation; driving strategic and practical ambition in the water sector; running campaigns; designing and delivering research; media and advocacy; promoting water-efficient technology; helping businesses be more water-efficient; facilitating partnerships; brokering new solutions; and training water efficiency practitioners.

Our Water Efficiency Strategy for the UK

Waterwise’s Water Efficiency Strategy for the UK was developed in consultation with the water sector – including Waterwise Supporters and our steering group. It sets out a blueprint to deliver a vision of a UK in which all people, homes and businesses are water-efficient, and where water is used wisely, every day, everywhere. We are currently working on the updated strategy, which will be launched in summer 2022.

Keeping up with Waterwise



Hot weather press release

Hot Weather – Waterwise Press Release 3rd August 2022 As temporary usage bans (hosepipe bans) get underway in some parts of the UK, environmental campaign organisation Waterwise is helping people

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