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Waterwise White Paper
In this White Paper Waterwise sets out strategic proposals for climate change adaptation and mitigation, resource efficiency, the green economy and the big society, over the five years from 2010 to 2015.

Annual Report 2007
Waterwise's Annual report for the year 2007.

Ensuring Water for All
The overarching aim of this scoping study is to provide additional information to the existing body of knowledge on water efficiency to allow regional stakeholders to make informed decisions on how to progress water efficiency as part of a wider multi stakeholder strategy.

Fairness on Tap
We are calling for the government to set out a strategy to install water meters in at least the 80% of England where there is greatest pressure on the freshwater environment and people's pockets, by 2020. This must be supported by fair tariffs to make water bills affordable for everyone and help to reduce water waste and protect the freshwater environment.

Annual Report 2008
Waterwise's Annual Report from 2008.

Annual Report 2009
Waterwise's Annual Report from 2009

Annual Report 2010
Waterwise's Annual Report for 2010.

Evidence Base for Large-scale Water Efficiency: Phase II Final Report
This final report of Phase II of the Evidence Base Project includes new data on the effectiveness of domestic and schools projects in addition to summarising what has been learnt from the two previous reports.

Effectiveness of Piggybacking Initiatives: A Scoping Study

Customer Experiences of Home Retrofit Products

Evaluating Water Efficiency Retrofit Projects: An Example

Evaluating Water Efficiency Education Activities in Schools: An Example

Seacourt Printing
7 Reasons for sustainable printing...

Households' attitudes to water economy and water efficient appliances
Savills and Waterwise teamed up to look at households’ attitudes to water economy and water efficient appliances. A survey of over 2000 people results in some surprisingly positive findings.

Water Efficient House of the Future
Report on Waterwise led UKWRIP workshop held in October 2014.

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