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Waterwise Response to the European Commission, DG Environment Water Performance of Buildings Stakeholder Consultation February 2012

Waterwise Response to Ofwat's consultation on minor revisions to water efficiency target methodology

Improving uptake in home visit retrofit programmes

Evaluation Guide for Water Efficiency Initiatives

Water Hardness in the British Isles - Map
This map was prepared by Waterwise based on data from water companies.

WaterWise: Washing Futures
Based on the premise that a sustainable future will rely not only on technological innovation, but cultural and personal changes, three scenarios for how we might make our washing practices more sustainable by 2050 are currently on show at the Dublin Science Gallery. The installation has been developed by researchers from the Consensus project, who are examining four key areas of household consumption; water, transport, energy and food. The WaterWise scenarios are intended to ‘think outside the box’, and have been developed through participatory backcasting research, involving a wide range of stakeholders including Waterwise. There is an ‘Aqua Adapt’ scenario where washing behaviour changes according to natural weather fluctuations, ‘De-WaterWise’ that focuses on hi-tech waterless washing solutions, and ‘Water Control’ which looks at responding to the realities of a resource constrained world. Here you can see the three posters that are on display in the Dublin Science Gallery.

Waterwise Response to EA Drought Management Plans - October 2011

Water Fact Sheet 2012
A brief downloadable PDF about why saving water is important, the ways we use water in the home, and how we can make our water last longer.

Save Water Swindon: Phase 1 Evaluation Report
This report focuses on the first year of Save Water Swindon which ran between June 2010 and June 2011, recording both the achievements and the lessons to be learned from Phase 1 of this whole-town retrofitting project.

The Water and Energy Implications of Bathing and Showering Behaviours and Technologies
Waterwise, with the support of the Energy Saving Trust, has conducted a desk review of all available data and reports relating to water and energy use due to personal washing in the home. The report reviews the evidence for baths and showers and makes suggestions based on identified policy, research, and retro-fit gaps and opportunities.

Water efficiency in new developments- A best practice guide
Waterwise East has produced the best practice guide, which aims to support developers, housing associations, self-builders and others to deliver water-efficient new developments.

Garden Watering Restrictions: A Review of Hosepipe Ban Legislation
A review of international models of external water use restrictions, and recommendations for amendments in the UK.

Water Efficiency Retrofitting - A Best Practice Guide
This update to the March 2008 ‘Water efficiency audit programmes: a best practice guide’ summarises current best practice for water efficiency retrofitting.

Preston Water Efficiency Initiative
The Preston Initiative succeeded in reducing water demand in social housing. The project was a partnership between the Government of the South East, Reigate and Banstead Council, Raven Housing Trust, Sutton and East Surrey Water, the Environment Agency, Surrey County Council and Waterwise.

Waterwise response to Welsh Assembly Government consultation on the Walker Review - June 2011

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