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Water Efficiency Today: A 2015 UK Review
This review provides a snapshot of water efficiency activities being carried out today, and acts as a corner stone to the forthcoming UK Water Efficiency Strategy.

Water Efficiency Strategy for the UK
The Water Efficiency Strategy sets out an ambitious blueprint for a water-efficient UK - where water is used wisely, every day, everywhere.

Waterwise Response to NIC Second Call for Evidence

Save Water Swindon: Phase 1 Evaluation Appendices
Document accompanies Save Water Swindon Phase 1 report.

Water efficiency evidence base governance proposals
A discussion paper for the Evidence Base Steering Group published in July 2011. The paper discusses potential governance arrangements for the proposed collaborative evidence base fund

Evidence Base for Large-scale Water Efficiency: Phase II Interim Report
The recommendations of this report suggest ways that water companies, manufacturers and retailers can help to make water efficiency more viable.

Investigating the impact of water efficiency educational programmes in schools: a scoping study

Evidence Base for Large-scale Water Efficiency: Phase II Appendix A

Policy recommendations based on the findings from the Evidence Base
Recommendations from Waterwise for policymakers and regulators, drawing on the Final Report of Phase II of the Evidence Base for Large-scale Water Efficiency

Evaluation of the EU Life+ Water and Energy Project
This report provides the results of the evaluation of the Energy Saving Trust EU Life+ RENEW (Regional Environmental Networks for Energy and Water) Pilot for activities between September 2009 and April 2011.

EU Life + RENEW - Water and Energy Report
This short report outlines the findings from the EU Life+ RENEW project. This project promoted the water-energy link and tested the effectiveness of different communication and marketing approaches.

Water Efficiency and the Water Companies
This report provides an overview of the activities of water companies in relation to water efficiency.

Waterwise One Pager
A short description of Waterwise

UK Manifesto
An outline of the reasons for urgent actions on water efficiency.

EU Manifesto
Waterwise calls for greater attention to the significant potential of water efficiency measures in mitigating and adapting to climate change and boosting the European economy.

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