Water Efficiency Today: A 2015 UK Review Image

Water Efficiency Today: A 2015 UK Review

This review provides a snapshot of water efficiency activities being carried out today, and acts as a corner stone to the forthcoming UK Water Efficiency Strategy.

Waterwise is ten years old. When we were established in 2005, water efficiency was a marginal activity with a few dedicated enthusiastic champions in the water industry and academia. When we published the last review in 2010 there had been a step-change and the work of the water companies in this area had increased exponentially. After decades ofyear-on-year increases, per capita consumption of water had stabilised at around 150 litres per person per day. Another five years on, this review sees an even greater increase in the scope and scale of water efficiency projects, both from the water companies as well as a wide range of organisations and companies.




23 November 2015


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