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Planning Effective Water Efficiency Initiatives

Learning from the Evidence Base, Save Water Swindon and Tap into Savings

In the December 2011 Water White paper, the government made it clear that they want to see water companies increase water efficiency projects right across the country – not only in areas currently defined as water-stressed.

As water companies develop their business plans for the next price review (in 2014) and their Water Resource Management Plans for the next 25 years, they need the most up-to-date knowledge, as well as recent figures on costs and savings. Therefore, it is essential to draw on the practical lessons of past water efficiency projects.

This practical guide, developed by Waterwise with WWF, draws on two major water efficiency retrofit programmes (Tap into Savings and Save Water Swindon), as well as projects included in the Waterwise Evidence Base, to provide direction for those designing a water efficiency retrofitting project. It will help water companies put demand management at the heart of their WRMPs and PR14 plans. 




25 September 2012


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