Save Water Swindon: Phase 1 Evaluation Report

In June 2010, WWF, Waterwise and Thames Water launched Save Water Swindon. The project aimed to raise awareness about the importance of saving water and deliver large-scale water savings. Through a communications campaign, letter mailings, road shows and other avenues, Swindon residents were asked to take the ‘20 litre challenge’, pledging to save water through behavioural changes or by installing free water efficiency devices (either themselves or by a professional fitter). This was the first time that a ‘whole-town’ approach had been taken, with the first phase of Save Water Swindon acting as a pilot for later activities.

This report focuses on the first phase of Save Water Swindon which ran between June 2010 and June 2011, with the programme continuing to be taken forward by Thames Water after this date. The evaluation aims to identify the achievements of the first year of the project, as well as ensure that any lessons learnt can be taken forward into future water efficiency programme planning. This follow-up evaluation of Save Water Swindon examines the impact of the interventions, both water saving kits and home makeovers, in order to assess their impact on attitudes and behaviours where possible, as well as how products were received and later used.


Dani Jordan


6 September 2012


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