Water Efficiency and the Water Companies

a 2010 UK Review

This report is in three sections. This first gives an overview of water efficiency, and summarises the activities which the water companies are involved in. The second section goes into further detail for each individual water company, and focuses on specific areas where they have excelled. The third and final section looks into the future, and what projects will be carried out by the UK
water industry. All water companies in the UK are mentioned in this report,
however Cholderton and District Water do not feature because as a small
water company with only 725 connections its water efficiency work is on a
much smaller scale than other companies. 

Waterwise wholeheartedly endorses the work the UK water companies are undertaking on water efficiency. However, mainstreaming water efficiency throughout the UK economy and society will require actions from across the public and private sectors, and all consumers of water, in households,buildings and businesses, and is not just the responsibility of the UK water industry. In this report, Waterwise sets out – and champions – the work the UK water companies are undertaking to contribute to this aim.


Victoria Higgins


30 September 2010


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