Evaluation of the EU Life+ Water and Energy Project

The aim of this project was to show the link between water and energy to consumers, and promote the benefits of adoptingwater and energy‐efficient behaviour. It also provided an opportunity to test the effectiveness of different communication and marketing approaches.

In the UK, approximately 30 per cent of an average home's energy bills can be attributed to heating hot water – or around £200 (€220) per year, whilst water use in the home on average contributes to around a quarter of domestic carbon missions. This presents a significant opportunity to reduce carbon emissions and energy bills, as well as to save water, all through simple water efficiency changes.

Consumers in the UK have never benefited from a national or joined up education programme on water and energy efficiency, so many people have a poor perception of water use –for example 'I don't see how it can be a problem in this country – it rains all the time'

This three year project was funded to run from January 2009‐December 2011, with activities running from September 2009 to April 2011. It was conducted in London, Edinburgh and Cardiff, to test the effect of various communication approaches in three different urban centres in the UK. Over 25,000 people received water efficiency advice during the project in these areas, exceeding the project target of 22,500. A survey of people receiving the advice was used to evaluate the impact of the message and method of delivery. 


Energy Saving Trust, Waterwise


30 September 2011


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