Waterwise White Paper Image

Waterwise White Paper

Water used wisely, every day, everywhere

The White Paper recommends:

  • a more efficient, sustainable and flexible regulatory framework for water
  • links between the regulatory frameworks for water, energy and housing
  • using water efficiency to develop the low carbon economy
  • a set of incentives to encourage people and businesses to waste less water across the UK economy and improve
  • the affordability of water
  • the delivery of water efficiency through local partnerships as part of the big society

Waterwise is already developing the Evidence Base for the cost-effectiveness of water efficiency, and best practice guidance on implementation. Waterwise has also shown in practice the benefits of the partnership approach. Water efficiency has no downside, and is an economic, social and environmental opportunity. Its potential stretches well beyond issues of scarcity. Delivering this full potential will require new ways of working across the public and private sectors.




31 May 2010


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