Evidence Base for Large-scale Water Efficiency: Phase II Final Report

This final report of Phase II of the Evidence Base Project includes new data on the effectiveness of domestic and schools projects in addition to summarising what has been learnt from the two previous reports: on domestic water efficiency retrofitting (the February 2010 report)1; and water efficiency retrofitting in schools (the December 2010 report). Under further work in the February 2010 Phase II report, the following was described:“Probably the biggest area of uncertainty in the cost-benefit analysis for water efficiency is how water savings are sustained over time. Further research is required that seeks to understand how well, over the medium- to long-term, water savings are sustained.” The reason for revisiting four of the nine trials originally analysed in the February 2010 report was to improve the industry’s understanding of the extent that water savings from domestic water efficiency retrofitting trials are sustained (longevity of water savings). The trials for which further information is included are:

Severn Trent Water’s Water Efficiency Trial

Sutton and East Surrey Water’s Preston Water Efficiency

United Utilities’ Home Audit StudyYorkshire Water’s Water Efficiency Trial

On the schools side data is presented from two new water efficiency retrofitting projects which will help to reinforce the data included in the December 2010 report. The following projects are included in this report:

The Environment Agency’s Schools Water Efficiency Grants Project

Essex & Suffolk Water’s Schools Water Efficiency Programme


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