Waterwise Recommended Checkmark

waterwise checkmark recommended water efficiency water saving product

What is the Checkmark? 

The Waterwise Recommended Checkmark provides consumers with an ‘at a glance’ indicator of a products water saving potential. The Checkmark signifies that the product is recognised as a water saver. A range of products have been awarded the Checkmark, ranging from; showers, domestic water recycling products, tap flow restrictors and toilet retrofit devices to name a few!


How to be come Checkmark approved...

Each product will be assessed primarily on their water use and saving claims, although other characteristics will be considered. There are no specific guidelines over which products can apply and there are no designated categories. It is open to all products that contain a water saving or water efficient technology at their core.

To find out more contact Samantha Vickerman svickerman@waterwise.org.uk