Water & Energy Network


 The Water and Energy Network aims to be a forum for discussion, innovation and collaboration around the links between water and energy.


Climate change and population growth are highlighting the links between water and energy. Energy generation requires a lot of water for cooling and likewise heating, treating and distributing water requires a lot of energy. Greenhouse gas emissions are linked to all of these. And the first effects of climate change will be floods and droughts.

A key part of the solution, helping climate change mitigation and adaptation, is wasting less water. Water efficiency and energy efficiency are both important in the context of climate change. Power stations being shut down due to lack of cooling water in times of drought and water treatment works failing during blackouts are negative potential examples of the links between water and energy.

The network aims to promote discussion, innovation and collaboration between NGOs, environmentalists, utilities, policy makers, businesses and others to develop positive synergies and to help us mitigate and adapt to climate change.