Water-energy link

What is the link?

There is a strong link between the water we use and energy  consumed within our homes. Through saving one, we save the other! About 1% of UK greenhouse gas emissions are attributable to the water industry.

Heating water in our homes, for activities such as showering and cooking accounts for another 5.5% of UK greenhouse gas emissions. All the saving of water helps to reduce greenhouse gas emission in the UK as well as reducing your gas and electricity bills. In the UK, approximately 30% of an average household gas/ electricity bill is down to heating of water – that equates to about £200 a year!

What Waterwise are doing..

Waterwise have been conducting research is this area, focused on:

Messaging: understanding what is the best way to communicate that saving water saves energy? Its not a very easy link to explain. We have run a pilot project called RENEW with the Energy Saving Trust to explore the link further .

Joined up delivery: there is a lot of energy efficiency work being conducted across the country, is makes perfect sense to run water efficiency alongside it. However there are barriers to integration and achieving such a vision. A recent project with Defra looked at way in which water could be integrated with communities involved with energy efficiency. One of the main conclusions was that communities we unsure where to go to for support.