Training & Qualifications Details

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"I found the training extremely beneficial in terms of being able to discuss water efficiency in a formalised manner with experts in the field. The training not only reinforced my existing knowledge but also provided me with additional information especially in the area of how to influence consumer behaviour. I would recommend this training to anyone in the field of water efficiency and I recognise this formal qualification as a major step in a unified approach to water efficiency in the UK." Stuart Stevenson, Physical Asset Management, Affinity Water

Why are these qualifications important?

Increasing population and recent droughts have focused attention on the need to urgently reduce water consumption. The water industry is facing significant water efficiency challenges and there is a need to get people to think as responsibly about water as they are beginning to do about recycling and energy saving.

Water companies, energy companies, housing associations and local charities are increasingly offering water efficiency advice and home retrofits.

What benefits do the qualifications offer?

  • The use of fully trained, qualified and accredited staff for water efficiency retrofitting will provide water companies, contractors, housing associations and others with increased confidence that they can meet water efficiency challenges which help customers and meet regulatory requirements.
  • The new  Waterwise qualifications will supplement and compliment the new Green Deal Advisors’ qualification, creating opportunities for tradespeople who take the water efficiency qualification to move  into the Green  Deal and for Energy Assessors and Green Deal Advisors to widen their skills into water efficiency. This will ultimately provide more integrated advice and guidance to householders and will provide water companies with opportunities to deliver water services around the water/energy nexus.
  • The process combines training on behavioural and mechanical intervention along with policy knowledge, which will ensure that practitioners will be equipped to deliver maximum water efficiency savings.
  • Feedback will act as a useful benchmark by which water companies and other organisations can identify competent contractors and ensure quality as a basis  for procurement.
  • Comprehensive and standardised training improve the UK skills base, up-skill the sector and provide people with career enhancing qualifications.
  • Using qualified staff will reduce liability risks for contractors and utilities and will ensure high quality service and ensure that  water efficiency is being delivered to a high standard.

Who should apply?

The course is open to anyone wishing to learn about water efficiency and gain a relevant nationally recognised qualification, we envisage it being particularly appropriate for the following sectors:

• Existing plumbers and tradespeople

• Water company contractors

• Social and private housing maintenance staff

• Green Deal Advisors

• Sustainability officers

• Local Authority advisors

• Delivery bodies

• Green NGOs

Why choose Waterwise?

Waterwise is fully approved by CABWI Awarding Body as a Training and Assessment Centre to deliver the new vocational qualifications. The combination of technical expertise, industry knowledge and a very clear understanding of what  is required to gain the qualification, will provide candidates with the tools to complete the course and gain the qualification.

Waterwise is an independent, not for profit, organisation that receives some support from the UK water industry.  It is the leading authority on water efficiency in the UK and is focused on decreasing water consumption and building the evidence base for large scale water efficiency.


Through a number of national  pilot projects, Waterwise identified a skills and knowledge gap, recognising that  there are currently inconsistent messages on water efficiency  across the country and no formal qualifications available on retrofitting or installing water saving devices. In the development of two new qualifications aimed to bridge the skills gap, Waterwise consulted with industry  experts on both the key knowledge and understanding required by industry for the proposed qualifications, together with the best use of products and practices. This information provided the basis  for the qualifications. Representatives from the bathroom industry, water companies, contractors and WRAS have all been closely involved in developing the qualifications.

Variations in water pressure, in plumbing  and heating systems, in water hardness and in fixtures  and fittings, mean that  it is possible to get things wrong! For instance, installing the wrong  showerhead could cause performance problems or at worst could damage the shower mechanism. Incorrect installation  of tap and toilet devices could cause costly leaks, and incorrect advice around water butts and grey or rainwater could cause health  issues. In addition, serious consideration must be given to all the issues surrounding liability, health and safety, not to mention the required skill set  for water efficiency  advice.  Many water companies and contractors provide training for staff but these are generally ad hoc and don’t ensure a fundamental understanding of how, what and why. The proposed new qualifications from Waterwise will provide full, appropriate and up to the minute training.