SWAN Activities


waterwise swan water efficiency communications campaign initiative UK scotland england photo by Steve H

SWAN was found in autumn 2011 by a broad coalition of water companies, NGOs and government agencies to promote water efficiency. Below is an ever-expanding list of activities we're involved in.


Wrap up for winter 2012 - SWAN members have teamed up with Channel 4 to create a campaign on preventing freezing and bursting pipes.

Blue Sky Inc. - Director Ben Mills created this funny short film with a serious message for for the Intelligent Use of Water film competition 2012, for which it is a finalist. Waterwise helped on some aspects of the production, including with the water-saving messages. See Blue Sky Inc 

World Water Day campaign: For World Water Day SWAN organised a press release and radio day to encourage people all over the UK to order cistern displacement devices for their toilets. For every device ordered a donation was made to WaterAid. Over £800 was raised, and our radio spokepeople reached out to almost 40 million people! This campaign was supported by Hippo and Dry Planet.

Water Equity in Tourism (W.E.T): SWAN has joined up with Tourism Concern capmpaign "to promote and protect the right to water of local communities in the face of increasing competition from the tourism industry." Read more about W.E.T. 

See the 'Make a Splash: tips for a water friendly holiday' leaflet (PDF)


Pipe lagging: Our pipe lagging radio day took place on 16 December 2011. The campaign, organised by MarketTiers4dc and had our managing director Jacob Tompkins reach out to 10 million listeners on 35 different radio stations throughout the UK, to encourage citizens to get prepared for winter.