Sponsorship and advertising

water droplet image by Zen waterwise water efficiency 

Water efficiency is rising up the agendas of public, private and third sector organisations in the UK and all around the world. There are many opportunities for sponsorship and advertising with Waterwise that will help you reach these audiences and demonstrate your commitment to water efficiency.


 We have a wide range of possibilities available, including the following:

  • Annual Waterwise Water Efficiency Conference 
  • Water Efficiency Awards
  • Technical Symposia and Masterclass events
  • Website sponsorship
  • Newsletter advertising
  • Brand partnerships
  • Campaign sponsorship/partnership
  • Event exhibition


Sponsors, partners and supporters that we’ve worked with in the past include Grohe, Environment Agency, B&Q, Ariel, Tandrup and Lyonnaise des Eaux. Some of the benefits these organisations have realised through working with us include,

  • Interaction and the opportunity to build relationships with key organisations on the water efficiency scene,
  • Association with the value of the Waterwise brand, and
  • The ability to communicate more detailed messages to captive audiences.

 To discuss our latest sponsorship and advertising opportunities, please Contact us.