Applications are now open!

Waterwise have joined forces with Australia’s successful water efficiency label, Smart Approved WaterMark! This international water conservation label is now available across Europe for all water efficient products.

Read about the partnershipwhat the label is, how it effects the Waterwise Checkmark, the benefits of being a part of the scheme, the requirements and fees, as well as how to apply.

The partnership

Over the last couple of years Waterwise have been talking with water efficiency experts in Australia about how together we can help better leverage the Smart WaterMark label globally.

We are very happy to announce that Waterwise have signed an agreement with Smart Approved WaterMark, an Australian based water efficiency not-for-profit programme, to promote a European version of the Smart WaterMark label.

This partnership aims to further support innovation in water conservation from Australia to Europe and eventually across the globe.

What is the Smart Approved WaterMark?

It is a voluntary, not-for-profit programme that helps consumers to make an informed choice about saving water around the home and garden.

Products and services with the Smart Approved WaterMark label have been assessed by an independent technical expert panel.

Waterwise Recommended Checkmark

Waterwise’s previous water efficiency label, Waterwise Recommended Checkmark, has been amalgamated into Smart Approved WaterMark. If you have been interested in obtaining the Waterwise Recommended Checkmark you will very soon able to apply for the Smart Approved WaterMark, which has been established in Australia since 2004 and in Europe from 2015.


Why apply?

Smart WaterMark provides an independent accreditation process to identify and promote water saving products and services. 

The label allows customers to distinguish your product or service from competitors, based on recognisition that it will save water. 

If you are interested in applying then take a look at the guidelines here.


Applications to the Smart WaterMark scheme are assessed by an independent Technical Expert Panel, against the following four criteria:

  1. Water Saving
  2. Fit for Purpose 
  3. Meets Regulations and Industry Standards
  4. Environmentally Sustainable

For full details of each criteria click here.


There is an inital cost to apply for the scheme. Once a product or service has been approved for the Smart WaterMark label there is a fee for the inital license. The license is valid for a two year period, when it is possible to pay to renew it.

For a full run down of fees click here.


Download the form and email it to info@smartwatermark.

Take a look at the guidelines here and ensure you have ticked everything off the application checklist before you apply.

If you have any questions contact

If your product is also available for purchase within Australia then you can apply for both the European and Australian licenses. 


The members of Technical Expert Panel meet every four months to consider applications to the scheme. Applications need to be lodged by the deadlines given below in order to be considered. 

Applications received after the closing date will be deferred to the next Panel meeting. 

Closing date for applications:

15th Oct 2015

11th  Feb 2016

9th June 2016