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We spend less time showering than most people think

We asked you recently how long you spend in the shower versus how long you think your peers spend. We found that it is not only men who overestimate how long women spend in the shower, but women too. While the average shower time for women is just over ten minutes, men estimate that it is more like 15 minutes and women estimate that it is around 12.

What benefit will I get from spending less time in the shower?

Spending less time in the shower could mean a few more precious moments snuggled up in bed, time to have breakfast before you leave or extra minutes to avoid having to rush for your train.

Spending less time in the shower will use less water and less energy, therefore saving money on energy and metered water bills. A shorter shower will also reduce your carbon footprint, which helps prevent global warming.

Shower power has teamed up with Kriss Akabusi to provide you with some fun, educational posters encouraging shorter showering. Please feel free to print these off and put them up around your house, school or workplace. 










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