SE England Water Efficiency Partnership

water and leaf image by visualpanic

With water resources in the South East of England under particular pressure, mainly due to a combination of low rainfall and high household consumption rates, a partnership has been set up to encourage and co-ordinate water efficiency activities across the region.

The partnership, under the name Water For All, aims to work with a wide range of stakeholders. The focus of the first year, which runs through to August 2012, is the development of a series of plans that will lay the foundations for on-the-ground action in subsequent years. The partnership will be undertaking stakeholder mapping, a review of water efficiency initiatives, communications planning, non-household water use scoping and consultation workshops.

The partners are the Environment Agency South East Region, Portsmouth Water, South East Water, Southern Water, Sutton and East Surrey Water, Thames Water, Veolia Central, Veolia South East and Waterwise.

Steering Group Members include the Consumer Council for Water, Energy Saving Trust, Kent County Council and WWF.

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