Saving Water in Scotland Network


In June 2006, Waterwise convened the first meeting of the Saving Water in Scotland Network, hosted by Sarah Boyack MSP, the then convenor of the Scottish Parliament’s Environment Committee. Key players from Scottish Water, the Parliament, the Scottish Executive, regulators, agriculture, business, consumer representatives and NGOs attended the roundtable, designed to share expertise and consider future measures to increase water efficiency. 

The discussion concluded that action on water efficiency needs to be taken now to prevent stresses on Scotland’s water supply similar to those experienced in the South-East of England. 

The Saving Water in Scotland Network meets every six months. Although the water supply in Scotland is not currently under threat, there could be a problem in the future if action is not taken now, when every day behavioural changes can prevent long term water shortages in the future.

On 27th February 2009, Waterwise and Waterwatch Scotland co-convened the 4th Saving Water in Scotland network meeting, in Edinburgh. Discussions at the meeting, which was again Chaired by Sarah Boyack MSP, Scottish Labour's environment, rural affairs and climate change spokesperson, included the links between water and energy.


Sarah Boyack MSP talks about the work of the Network:

Meetings of the Saving Water in Scotland Network continue to act as a valuable exercise in focusing the actions of those involved in water conservation. By sharing information on a regular basis all the groups involved are making a real contribution to the debate. The key message that has come out of today’s meeting is that saving water will save money. Making small changes to the way we use water and investing in water saving appliances will make a real difference to energy bills in these challenging economic times.

In January 2010 Waterwise and Waterwatch Scotland co-convened the fifth Saving Water in Scotland Roundtable in Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh. The event featured high-leve presentations from stakeholders, including Stewart Stevenson MSP, Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change. The event was chaired by Sarah Boyack MSP and the follow up to this Roundtable will focus on delivery, as agreed at the January event.


The 6th Saving Water in Scotland Roundtable was jointly convened in October 2011 the by Waterwise and Consumer Focus Scotland and was chaired by Sarah Boyack MSP. Topics included the Green Deal, the respective roles free market drivers and regulation have on promoting efficiency, and strategies to raise awareness of the link between energy and water. The network is now looking to build on the momentum and develop more water efficiency projects in Scotland. 



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