Save water

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Why save water?

Changing demands on our water supply mean that is more important than ever to take care with how we use water. An increasing population, changing lifestyles and increasingly erratic weather patterns have led to ever increasing pressure on our water supply. Taking positive action now can help to ensure that there is enough water to go round, for us, for businesses and for the environment. Read more here.

How to save water?

There are many simple actions that will enable you to save water. We have loads of useful tips, which highlight some of the many fun and innovative ways to save water, as well as suggestions on water efficient products.

Water Saving Advice and Tips: its easier to save water than you think. Our tips page shows you how simple it can be to save water in the home, garden and at work and the benefits of doing so.

Download Resources: our posters and infographics are available here to download. They illustrate easy ways to save water. Why not put them up at school or work 

The Water Calculator: the Water Calculator is a simple tool that is particularly useful for when building new properties. It can be used to provide information on water consumption for hundreds of products, saving you the hassle of gathering data from several product manufacturers.

Your Water Company: take a look at your water company website for extra tips and advice and to check if your water company is one of the many that now offer free water saving devices.

Fun Facts: click on this page for a list of facts on water.