Riverside Primary School


Minimising the cost of water with conservation specialist Aqualogic 

Riverside Primary School, a Wirral Borough Council property took their first measures towards water efficiency back in 2004. This was partly to make a positive impact on the environment, and also to generate extra funds by reducing their water consumption enabling them to contribute towards purchase of new equipment.

Aqualogic, who have almost 30 years experience working with other schools, organisations and Local Government Authorities across the country, surveyed the site and recommended suitable water saving products, while considering the schools available budget at that time.


The Savings

In 2004 Aqualogic installed 4 x Hydrocell battery operated urinal controls at Riverside Primary School, Wirral MBC. The total cost of installation was just £480, and generating average savings of 2033 litres of water per day, this equates to financial savings of £1335 per annum. Therefore the units had paid for themselves just 3 months after initial installation, generating an average of 40% savings!


Other water saving devices 

Riverside have since installed more water saving devices from Aqualogic such as their retrofit self closing push taps which eliminate the common problem of pupils leaving the taps running constantly both in the washrooms and the classrooms.

Have a look on Aqualogic's website to get more water saving ideas, in particular look at the brown green water box which is an excellent value school starter kit consisting of great water saving products suitable for use within the school.

Visit the Aqualogic website or call 08708 50 37 57 for a no obligation discussion.