Retail Competition



Delivering innovation in water efficiency services


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From April 2017 non-household water customers in England will be able to choose their water and wastewater retail service providers.  This has been possible in Scotland since 2008, where one of the key drivers was water efficiency. Surveys of water customers in England suggest many SMEs and large corporates would like to receive water efficiency services. There is currently a skills and capacity gap in England in delivering water efficiency.

Waterwise is an independent not-for-profit organisation founded in 2005 delivering our vision that water is used wisely, every day, everywhere. 

We have organised this event to explore:

  • What are the opportunities and challenges for delivering water efficiency in retail competition?
  • What is the regulatory perspective on water efficiency? How can we monitor progress?
  • What are the views of customers on water efficiency and service innovation?
  • What are the technological and customer engagement opportunities for innovation in water efficiency for retail competition?

Speakers include:

  • Aaron Burton, Director of Projects and Programmes, Waterwise
  • Stephen Beddoes, Retail Market Opening Principal, Ofwat
  • Evan Joanette, Policy Manager (Water Market Competition), Consumer Council for Water
  • Professor Dragan Savic, University of Exteter Centre for Water Systems Research
  • Retail water company panel, TBC.


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